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Interactive Mobile Video Marketing and Advertising

As the technology behind mobile phones becomes more advanced, the interactive media reviles the desktop or laptop computer as a dominant means of sharing or exchanging information. People on the go want to stay connected regardless of where they are or what they’re doing. Consequently, mobile video advertising is now an area of marketing that provides unprecedented opportunity for both exposure and promotion. DDA Interactive™ is an interactive marketing and advertising agency with years of experience in creating the best interactive video content available for companies in diverse market segments. From our interactive studio, we can not only produce an engaging video clip of high broadcast production quality, but turn it into a viable mobile ad with the comprehensive range of development services and technologies at our disposal.

How your Consumers can interact with Mobile Video Clips and Advertisements:

  • Users can download videos and click through to a mobile website where they can interact in a community experience by chatting with others, giving ratings, or providing comments.
  • Users can download video clips and share them with others through mobile streaming, which can be an invaluable form of interactive viral media marketing.
  • Users can opt-in from the desktop Internet to be sent videos ads about special promotional offers, new product/service arrivals, etc. so they are always informed about the goings on of your business.

Why you cannot afford to be Left behind as the Mobile Video Market Grows

Mobile marketing and mobile video advertising allow you to target your consumers in ways you never dreamed of. Using global positioning systems, it is possible for you to send video messages to consumers based on demographics and location. For example, you can send a mobile video clip or ad promoting your menu to a young professional travelling past your restaurant that encourages him or her to come in and grab a bite to eat. Due to the very personal nature of the device and available targeting possibilities, mobile phones are not just a way to converse, but a way to do business, making interactive mobile media an area of marketing you cannot afford not to invest in. While the interactive mobile marketing and mobile video advertising technology is advancing, the time is now to contact our interactive marketing and advertising agency and learn about how our mobile video services can help you target and win over your consumers.