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Interactive Promotional Video Marketing and Advertising

When you think promotional, think personalized with DDA Interactive™ video media solutions. Today’s consumers are inundated with print, online, mobile, and television advertisements so much that they tend to tune out a good majority of them, discarding them as junk mail, clicking the exit box before a pop-up window appears, and using commercial breaks as an opportunity to converse or take care of tasks. Marketers need to be savvy regarding current advertising trends and give consumers what they want, control of their media exposure and choice in their viewing experience. Interactive video media is an effective promotional solution to increase product/service sales and brand recognition for a substantial return on investment.

DDA Interactive™ is a cutting-edge advertising and marketing agency that combines multimedia technologies and video production services to produce promotional interactive media that engages predetermined and strategically targeted demographic groups long enough to convey key marketing messages. From our interactive studio, we can cast professional on-screen and voice-over talent, create the storyboard and promotional video script, shoot in house or on location, record audio in sound-proof booths, develop and implement interactive multimedia technology, and produce a final broadcast-quality video ready for online website or offline DVD distribution application. We can help you conceptualize innovative video ads and clips unlike anything your consumer profile has ever seen, compelling them to watch and interact in a way that suits them best.

How Users can interact with your Promotional Videos:

  • Enter a command and the video will produce the desired response.
  • Adjust variables to play a customized version of the video to individual taste and viewing preference.
  • Explore space within a video by panning 360˚ while in motion to view from a completely unique perspective.
  • Share video content with friends, family, and co-workers.
  • Rate and comment on videos in social networking communities.
  • And much more!

Video media gives your organization a chance to attach a face and personality to your brand while interactive media gives your audience a chance to experience your brand in a personalized manner. By merging multimedia technology, DDA Interactive™ is able to transform your promotional success into financial reward. For DDA Interactive™, creating the best interactive video content available isn’t just a job requirement, but a core principle of development. Contact our interactive marketing and advertising agency to see how we can you help promote your products and services in a way that meets and exceeds consumer expectations.