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Interactive Video Marketing and Advertising

DDA Interactive™ is the marketing and advertising agency you need to transform the viewer into the participant with interactive video services and solutions that set new creative and technological standards. Whether used for educational or promotional media applications, the videos developed by DDA Interactive™ allow the viewer to pick and choose only the content they are interested in watching in the manner that suits them best. From our interactive studio, we’re able to produce an interactive video experience unlike any other, going beyond stop, pause, and play to full directorial control.

How can you interact with a video?
Aside from creating synchronous media that combines audio, video, text, and imagery into one integrated video presentation, DDA Interactive™ merges a variety of interactive technologies that enable the audience to not only view a video, but take part in it in a variety of ways. With DDA Interactive™, users can adjust variables and play a customized version of the video; converse with the video in a turn-based manner (command/response); explore space within a video by panning a 360˚ perspective while in motion; search for specific clips as opposed to viewing the video in its entirety; add annotations, such as speech-bubbles, text boxes, links, and spotlights to objects in the video; manipulate the position of objects in the video to set a different scene; insert virtual elements into a real environment; and more! With today’s technology and DDA Interactive’s skill, the possibilities for enhanced video interactivity are only limited to your imagination.

How can interactive media add to your bottom line?
When the interactive video requires the viewer to make use of three out of five senses – sight, hearing, and touch – the result is increased memory retention. Together, graphics, color, visual motion, rhythm, tone, pace, pitch, grip, pressure, and mobility all leave a cognitive imprint that will be maintained long after the experience has ended. What does this mean to your bottom line? For educational media, it means that learners or trainees will be able to easily grasp complex processes or concepts so they become proficient, enhancing their skill set and productivity. For promotional media, it means that viewers (or participants) will remember your brand, product or service so when they’re ready to make that buying decision, your company’s name is the first to come to mind. Regardless of your application, interactive videos conceptualized, designed, and produced by our agency are an asset your organization can’t afford not to explore. Contact DDA Interactive™ today.

Synchronous media is the use of video synchronized with text and images to present rich multimedia eLearning content that captures and keeps attention. DDA is an early adopter of synchronized media in medical eLearning platforms, and continues to promote its use for medical eLearning course content which needs to be precisely understood and remembered, detail by detail. Synchronous media affords the end user more control over their experience, allowing them to open and close those media channels most relevant to them, thus enhancing the self-directed learning approach that keeps them personally involved in learning the content. Synchronous media eLearning allows for flexible use of personal libraries, where image, text, document, and even video content can be specifically saved for an individual user’s later review, so they can focus on the material which is most important and/or most challenging to them. DDA provides all services in the creation of its synchronous media eLearning platforms, including casting on-screen and voice-over talent and recording all video and audio either on location or at its own video studios. When you need to ensure that your audience has a firm grip on all the details of an eLearning course, choose DDA to design and develop a custom synchronous media eLearning platform for you. Contact DDA today.

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