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Interactive Live and On-demand Webcast Marketing and Advertising

Communicate time-sensitive information to dispersed audiences across the country or around the world with interactive live and on-demand video webcasting services from DDA Interactive™. Our interactive marketing and advertising agency utilizes the latest in feature-rich interactive webcasting and streaming media technologies to help your business educate, inform, train, or promote directly to targeted groups as small as 50 and as large as 5,000. Whether your webcast includes an on-screen spokesperson or an audio narration, we can synchronize a PowerPoint presentation with video and integrate user and presentation consoles for an interactive broadcast experience unlike any other. Our video development team can shoot or record on location or in our studio for high production quality sound and image. But what makes webcasts a form of interactive media? Read on to find out.

How users can interact with your live webcasts: How users can interact with your on-demand webcasts:
• Ask questions / Answer polls and surveys • View webcasts as often as necessary
• Consult with a representative through a preexisting website setup • Bookmark the presentation to favorites
• Join forums to discuss the topics during or after the presentation • Select specific archived video clips
• Rate the video webcast and/or add comments • Rate the video webcast and/or add comments
• Share the webcast with friends, family, and co-workers • Share the webcast with friends, family, and co-workers

Why Interactive Webcasting is an Effective Marketing and Advertising Tool
Through live and on-demand video webcast streaming technology, you are not only able to convey key messages to a group of eager listeners, but the analytics that are gained from this online tool will help you expand your marketing and advertising potential. From the initial registration process, you’ll be able to gather demographic and contact information on those who signed up to participate in your webcast presentation. Moderators will be able to collect all of the questions that were asked during the webcast so that those not answered in the time allotted can be addressed later on. DDA Interactive™ can feature links to your company or organization’s website from the webcast so users can find out more information about your products or services and create form applications that enable users to sign up for notifications when new video clips or ads are posted. Rely on the interactive video webcasting and streaming media services of DDA Interactive™ to broadcast information to large and small groups of people based near and far.