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Redefining Hands-on Learning with Animated Demonstrations and Simulations

Want to train new employees on proper internal procedures or educate consumers on the correct operation of a product? Need a new way to convey information that is engaging and interactive? Animated demonstrations and simulations are redefining the meaning of hands-on learning by asking an audience to get involved in the presentation of information not just by listening and viewing, but by responding in a variety of interactive ways. As a marketing and advertising agency with experience in interactive technologies dating back to 1994, DDA Interactive™ creates demonstrations and simulations through 3D animation, virtual reality, programming, and other interactive media services. Regardless of your application, we can turn your presentation of information into an interactive web experience to be explored in-depth and remembered

Demonstration Animations Provide a Range of Possibility
It is common knowledge that people understand the reasoning behind and the mechanics of concepts better once they have seen a demonstration as it provides a tangible example from which to learn. But live, on-site demonstrations are not always successful as they typically fail to appeal to individual learning styles. Viewed online, animation demonstrations can be repeated as often as necessary, they can reveal what is unseen by the human eye, they can show flawed and perfect performances simultaneously, and they can be controlled in terms of speed, sequence, volume, image, rotation. DDA Interactive™ will work with you to understand your demonstration application, what it means to your business’ bottom-line, and devise an interactive animation strategy that is sure to accomplish your marketing or advertising goals. Perhaps your animation demonstration will be in 2D with user controls limited to “play” and “stop” or it will be in 3D with so much interactivity that the user controls virtually every element. At DDA Interactive™, we’ll design and develop the right visual and functional solution.

Simulation Animations Give Users Control over their Experience
Simulating an event through online animation gives your audience the chance to experience it in a risk-free, hands-on manner. Essentially, animation simulation provides users the perfect opportunity to practice and learn prior to real-world application. Using a variety of interactive technologies, such as multimedia, virtual reality, 3D modeling, Flash animation, and more, DDA Interactive™ is able to simulate everything from individual product operation to fully immersive environments, all replicating the real thing and even unforeseen scenarios. In interactive animated simulations, users can passively view a sequence of actions for comprehensive or actively test their knowledge and become involved in their experience by controlling action. Contact our interactive marketing and advertising agency for an animation simulation and see how this technology and our services can transform real-world, hands-on learning into engaging online exploration.