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Interactive Animated Websites Set the New Standard

Many businesses think that just by having a website, they are keeping up with today’s technologies. Many more know that in our evolving digital world, they not only need to have a website, but an engaging, interactive experience that proves the visit was worthwhile. DDA Interactive™ effectively combines advanced interactive and animation technologies to create designs that set a new website standard. At our interactive marketing and advertising agency, we have expanded our list of design and development services to produce websites that go beyond a presentation of information to a fully immersive, animated environment where users have the freedom to play, learn, and explore on their own terms. Read on to find out about unique interactive animated website content and features that can change your notion of marketing and advertising media.

Flash-based Games
One way to make product or service promotion fun for the consumer or learning enjoyable for the trainee is through interactive flash-based games made available for download or featured on a website. With an inherent entertainment value, flash-based games can be a great opportunity for you to promote brand recognition, as well as encourage comprehension and proficiency. The reward of flash-based games is two-fold: the player ends with a sense of accomplishment and feeling adequately persuaded to invest in your products or services or sufficiently informed of new processes or procedures.

Animated Demonstrations and Simulations
Whether you want to demonstrate the operation of a new product or simulate a real-world event online, DDA Interactive™ is able to design and develop the interactive animation that effectively transforms your concept into an interactive web experience to be remembered. Your animated demonstration or simulation can be a featured item within the context of a website, or it can be the focus of the website itself. Demonstration and simulation animations can range from a simple 2D, two-minute presentation to complex 3D, full website orientation. At DDA Interactive™, we produce interactive applications at either end of the spectrum and everything in between.

There is no doubt that interactive animated website designs will promote greater interest in your presentation of information. What can be questionable is the vendor you choose for design and development. DDA Interactive™ has been creating innovative solutions by merging interactive and multimedia technologies since 1994. We have full-service offerings and a proven track record of delivering interactive animated websites that work in diverse applications. Contact our interactive marketing and advertising agency to find out more on why we are your best choice.