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Testing for Proficiency with Interactive Learning Websites

Testing typically evokes a wave of anxiety as thoughts of school day cramming sessions or past failures take over even some many years later. For some, training can bring on the same feelings as the right educational tools were not available to match their particular learning style. However, testing and training don’t have to hold negative connotations. DDA Interactive™ is a marketing and advertising agency that applies a solid understanding of advanced multimedia technologies and more than a decade of experience in website design and development services to create interactive learning and training environments that are fun and provide users with a positive experience. In an interactive learning or training website, users are able to explore information online in a way that suits them best, repeat sections as often as necessary, and visit the site at any time of day from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Is your training website testing well? If not, consider the following ways you can compel users to become more involved in and enthused about their learning:
  • Manipulate images so that the correct sequence is reached and access to the next level is granted.
  • Take traditional question and answer quizzes at the end of a session.
  • Control movement in an event-based simulation and by taking the right steps, gain certification.
  • Type in text responses where appropriate to describe reasoning and understanding.
  • Watch demonstrations and listen to presentations live or on demand.
  • Adjust variables in an interactive training or learning video for individual viewing preferences.
  • And more!

With DDA Interactive™, the learning and testing experience can be customized to your interactive website, particular eLearning tool, and targeted demographic profile. By combining multimedia technology and advanced programming capability, the possibilities are virtually endless. We can take the most complex topic and break it into easily digestible modules that cover specific topics in depth, explain best practice techniques, and encourage learning through interactive testing features. Within the context of an online eLearning tool, testing can be obvious in the form of end-of-session quizzes to gauge comprehension or it can be obscure and seamlessly integrated with website navigation or user control features. Obvious or obscure, one thing is clear; at DDA Interactive™ web-based learning, training, and testing can be constructive, affirmative, and completely interactive. The end result is a virtual environment that cultivates personal growth and enhanced proficiency.

Augmented reality is poised to transform how we learn and interact with the world around us. With the recent development of augmented reality platforms for Apple and Android mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, and eyewear), design and development of custom AR mobile applications is within reach to more organizations than ever before. Augmented reality takes the view around a mobile device’s camera and adds custom graphics, animations, and text to augment the view with additional information that responds to the surrounding environment. Graphics, animations, and other information is presented within context of the real-world view. Augmented reality is thus positioned to be a perfect training tool, capable of providing sequential direction for the manipulation of real objects in real-time, while offering additional information for deeper insights. Augmented reality can also be used to recognize people and objects, which can be used to access relevant medical records, treatment plans, or more. Augmented reality grants most of the benefits of live, one-on-one experiential training to mobile applications, and can thus be used to broaden the reach of training programs while keeping demand on human resources minimal. Contact DDA today to learn how augmented reality can benefit your organization.

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