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Social networking websites go beyond connecting with old friends or acquiring new acquaintances. Creating online communities can in fact build brand equity, making your brand recognizable and stand out from the competition. On the website, users can interact individually and control or personalize their web experience with your brand or they can interact with others that have a shared or vested interest in your company, products, or services. As an interactive marketing and advertising agency with extensive experience and skill in multimedia technology, DDA Interactive™ can help you build the best online community for your industry and one that conveys a message, provides utility, and encourages viral marketing.

Explore Online Communities and Control your Experience
Online communities may be designed for small and large groups of people, but the interactive web experience can be individual. Users have the freedom to explore different areas in a personalized way. By participating in product/service reviews, public blogs, and group discussion forums, they can voice their opinion. By sending instant messages or posting comments, they can communicate with other customers or company representatives. By rating photos, videos, and other media content, they can vote for what they like best and want to see more of. And users can even upload data that expresses themselves, download data that piques their interest, and share data with others. In the building of a social networking website, virtually any level of interactivity is possible.

What Online Communities Reveal About Your Demographic Profile
At DDA Interactive™, in the development of your online community, we’ll work with you to establish your marketing objective, develop a plan where the features serve a strategic purpose, and implement the design of that plan for a virtual place where users are able to effectively interact with your brand in a way never before realized in the real world. By evaluating user registration information and website metrics, you’ll be able to gain valuable insight into your demographic profile. Not only will you be able to establish what segments exist in your overall consumer group, but you’ll be able to create a clear and complete picture of the characteristics of a typical member of each of these segments. And once these profiles are constructed, they can be used to create a future marketing plan for success.

Give consumers an online community where they can interact with your brand and get information about your demographic profile to shape ongoing and new marketing and advertising initiatives. See how our social networking services and multimedia technologies will help you provide your consumers with an interactive web experience unlike any other by contacting our marketing and advertising agency today.