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Synchronous video websites designed, developed, and produced by DDA Interactive™ provide an information intensive web experience that effectively commands the attention of an audience. Depending on your marketing or advertising message, our interactive agency can synch graphics, animation, video, text, and more so that relevant information is presented at the same time (or simultaneously). Synchronous media combines multiple interactive technologies, but sends one clear message to users. Read on to discover how our interactive streaming and synchronous media services can help you convey your educational or promotional message to a targeted audience.

Unique Ways to Use Synchronous Video on the Web Include:

Live Online Conversation – Through online interactive tools and synchronous applications, such as text chats, video conferencing, and video webcasts, today’s technology makes it possible for people to hold live one-on-one or group-based conversations regardless of physical proximity. For example, using streaming media in a live video webcast, a spokesperson can make a presentation while registered users ask questions and almost instantaneously receive a live response.

Real-time Group Communication and Collaboration – With groups of people simultaneously logged on to a website or video webcast, providing them with the tools to communicate with one another and collaborate on ideas will facilitate an effective interactive web experience in real time with real results. For example, while a video plays, users can pose questions or provide commentary, opinions, or general feedback to a group of people with similar interests on discussion boards and forums operating at the same time.

Comprehensive Simultaneous Presentation – Imagine visiting a website where you are greeted with a video spokesperson who begins explaining information relevant to what you are searching for while supporting text appears to highlight points of interest or to simply support the dialogue while graphics and animation follow suit on the topic at hand. For DDA Interactive™ this is not some fragment of one’s imagination, it’s a reality we produce for a variety of clients in diverse business sectors. 

At our interactive marketing and advertising agency, issues of usability are addressed early in preliminary stages of planning, development, and production, so that users don’t become overwhelmed or confused by, but rather engaged in the subject they are learning or exploring. And unlike typical webcasting companies where services are limited to predesigned templates that force you to adjust your concepts to comply, DDA Interactive™ prides itself on being able to customize your synchronous video website with the features and design you want.