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Creating the Best Interactive Video Experience

Looking for a new way to promote your products or services? Searching for communication tools that make it easy to connect to your audience regardless of location? Today, video media has evolved significantly from its early days as home movies on VHS tape. It is now an effective marketing and advertising device that can be distributed on blue ray DVD or streamed over the Internet for a variety of applications. Plus, video has now become interactive, providing both a passive experience where the audience is able to listen to and view content, as well as an active experience where the audience is able to control and personalize the video or website to suit individual preferences. DDA Interactive™ is an innovative marketing and advertising agency focused on creating the very best interactive video experience tailored to the needs and wants of specific demographic profiles. With our range of interactive video services, there are a variety of ways we can develop effective and engaging web experiences; below are just a few.

Video Sharing Communities
Build a web experience that allows your consumer group to upload videos and share them with others through video sharing communities. More than a means of distributing video content, a video sharing website can be designed to promote brand recognition, and offer the type of utility that lends itself well to your products or services. If you have a unique idea, contact our interactive marketing and advertising agency and we’ll help you turn it into reality.

Video Webcasting Services
Convey your marketing messages to dispersed people based remotely through live and on-demand video webcasting. Your video webcast can not only feature an on-screen spokesperson, but the information he or she presents can be synched to a PowerPoint presentation and registered users can ask questions in real time. At DDA Interactive™, we’ll handle all of your video webcasting services, so all you have to concern yourself with is the marketing message you want to communicate. 

We are constantly researching the latest in interactive video and streaming media technology and outfitting our studios with only state-of-the-art equipment so that we are always producing the very best in high video production quality and cutting edge interactive capability. For our clients, this means they have the opportunity to be as creative as they wish, knowing we’ll always work to push the conceptual envelope and deliver results that exceed expectations. Whether we’re developing a video sharing community that offers unheard-of, user-friendly features, live video webcasts that connect people based around on to creat the world, or something completely different and unique, DDA Interactive™ can be reliede a web experience unlike any other and one that encourages viewers to stay engaged from start to finish.


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