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Don’t just train for comprehension, train for proficiency with interactive video tutorial webcasts developed by DDA Interactive™. Assigned with the dubious task of developing an effective broad-based business or consumer training program for new products, services, or procedures? Need to ensure that your staff members have complied with regulatory training guidelines as established by governmental agencies? If you’ve answered yes to either question, then consider investing in the production of an interactive online video tutorial. More than a better alternative to boring printed materials or breakable CD-ROMs/DVDs, online video tutorials present problem-solving strategies using concrete examples in an interactive web environment.

Watch, Listen, and Learn with Streaming Video Tutorial Webcasts
DDA Interactive™ is not your typical webcasting company; we are an innovative interactive marketing and advertising agency with comprehensive video production services. That said, we can shoot your webcast live from our video production and audio recording studios or we can go on location to shoot at your facility or an event or seminar. During prelaunch programming, we can format and set up the webcast so that the video is synched to a PowerPoint presentation full of supporting or highlighting text, images, and animation. After registering, users can watch and listen to learn and understand the topic in focus.

Interact and Communicate with Live Webcasting Services
Within the context of a live video tutorial webcast, interaction is not limited to auditory and visual stimulation; rather users can be engaged in a kinesthetic manner as well. Another way DDA Interactive™ sets itself apart from other webcasting companies is by lending our full-service capabilities to create virtual 3D simulations and embedding them within a webcast. The advantage being that users can listen to and watch directions given in a video, read step-by-step cues on a PowerPoint slide, and control movement and practice in a simulation that mimics the instruction. And, as if that wasn’t engaging enough, users can ask questions and have them answered in real time by the video spokesperson for an even greater level of proficiency.

Online interactive video tutorials developed by DDA Interactive™ are a web experience not to be missed. Through a combination of interactive, streaming, and video technologies, we are able to produce a tutorial that is both educational and fun! Contact us for the interactive media services that can transform your standard training programs into strategic solutions for result-driven success.