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Video Webcasting: Changing the Way you Convey Information

Regardless of your industry or application, video webcasting will change the way you convey information. Unlike typical webcasting companies that provide limited options based on previously designed templates, DDA Interactive™ is a full-service interactive marketing and advertising agency that utilizes the latest in feature-rich interactive webcasting and streaming media technologies to deliver customized solutions. Instead of asking you to fit a mold, we’ll work with your company to help you convey your message – whether it is educational, informational, or promotional – directly to targeted groups as small as 50 and as large as 5,000 in a manner that suits you and your audience best. Read on to discover some of the unique ways your company can make good use of streaming video webcasting services.

Live Streaming and On-demand Video
Communicate time-sensitive information to dispersed people based remotely across the country or around the world through a live or on-demand video webcast. DDA Interactive™ can record your presentation from our video production studios or on location and stream live content or archive content so that it can be viewed at a later time. Your webcast can include a PowerPoint presentation synched to information presented by a video spokesperson. And while live webcasts allow viewers to interact by asking questions in real time, on-demand webcasts store these questions and answers so that they can be evaluated well after the presentation has ended.

Synchronous Video Websites
When you synch video with text and imagery, the result is a cohesive presentation that promotes both immediate comprehension and long-term memory retention. To see this type of website in action, visit DDA Medical’s SmartSite™ where users have complete control over the information they want to view and how they want to view it. By merging diverse technologies, DDA Interactive™ is able to synchronize multimedia applications and stream all content simultaneously, so that when the user enters the website or clicks “play” everything works in tandem to present information in a user-friendly manner.

Interactive Video Tutorials
Video webcasting can be a great opportunity to ensure that your audience is on the same page when learning about the operation of a new product in preparation for its market launch or training new company employees on proper internal processes or industry procedures. Webcast or podcast important conferences to those unable to attend and with interactive webcasting services from DDA Interactive™ they will feel as if they are there in person, sitting in the front row. Your interactive video tutorial can stream a variety of media and is sure to become the definitive online source users turn to in order to stay informed.