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Monitor Progress and Update Content with Interactive Learning Administrator Portals

Be confident in knowing your trainees or targeted audience are extrapolating necessary information from your interactive learning website by monitoring progress through teacher, trainer, or administrator portals. Also, such portals provide content management capabilities that allow you to edit, remove, and update information as you see fit, so the information presented is always current and accurate. DDA Interactive™ offers interactive media services that go beyond that of a typical marketing and advertising agency. With more than a decade of website design and development experience and dozens of eLearning technology applications, DDA Interactive™ has shown that it is not only a pioneer, but a leader in interactive learning and training media. For our team of development professionals, the focus is on both creating engaging websites with interactive utility and building administrative portals with online tools for measurable results.

With interactive eLearning administrator portals you can…

  • track user’s actions (i.e. their clickstream).
  • alter an event (i.e. display new graphics in response to user choices).
  • make calculation changes (i.e. adjust the score a user receives for a specific action).
  • add, remove, edit, and update content as necessary.
  • monitor individual and group progress.
  • store user’s registration or contact information for future reference.

Manage interactive training or learning websites through administrative back-end systems or portals and you’ll soon realize your users may be in control of their virtual environment, but you are in control of their learning experience. During the interactive learning or training website design and development stages at DDA Interactive™, we take into consideration the needs of your users, as well as site administrators so the end product serves dual purpose as a learning and reporting tool. Web-based and database-driven, administrative portals are securely stored on our state-of-the-art servers and may come equipped with different levels of administrative access. This ensures that the information you need is always readily available and only those with the proper accessibility privileges are permitted to view. Contact us to learn more about our interactive technologies and development services for your virtual online learning applications.