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Go Mobile and Stay Interactive with Websites and Applications

Mobile Internet browsing is increasingly prevalent as cell phone ownership extends across demographics and technology gets smaller, thinner, and more compact. And as consumers become more technically savvy, visually poor mobile websites just don’t cut it. DDA Interactive™ is a marketing and advertising agency that understands evolving consumer demand and knows what it takes to deliver the interactive mobile media solutions that exceed expectations. The mobile optimized websites we design and develop may be smaller than their full website counterparts, but they are no less impressive. Read on to see how your company or organization can go mobile but stay interactive in today’s digital world.

Depending on your marketing and advertising objectives, we can recommend one or a combination of the following interactive mobile media applications for your mobile website:

  • Submit orders through eCommerce services.
  • Play games that are branded with the company’s corporate identity.
  • Communicate virally by sending product/service information to other users.
  • Update profile information presented in social network communities.
  • Download/Upload documents or share important files.
  • Check order status or project reports through login access to predesigned programs.
  • And more!

Our interactive mobile media technologies and services are solution-based, meaning that we listen to your unique needs during the initial planning stages and design and develop the interactive applications that turn concepts into reality. For us, no challenge is too complex, and when others say it can’t be done, we welcome the opportunity. Uncomplicated usability coupled with strategic utility, the mobile websites we develop are not limited versions of the bigger, better thing, but rather fully interactive mini sites adjusted to the right size, layout, and format for viewing on a variety of mobile phones and devices. Design, content, and interactive applications are optimized for mobile display and functionality. Utilizing our interactive marketing and advertising agency is one way your organization can stay on the cutting-edge of mobile technology. Find out how you can extend your website to interactive mobile media by contacting DDA Interactive™ today.