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Advertising Fun with Interactive Flash-based Games

Your consumers are turning to the Internet not just to find information or to connect with others, but to have fun. Consequently, flash-based games of all kinds are growing in demand and downloaded more often than many other online applications. But games don’t only need to be designed for entertainment value; they can be a great advertising opportunity as well. An interactive flash game that is developed based on an effective marketing strategy can expose your brand to millions of Internet users who will play and return until they conquered the game, and who will recommend it to others. Additionally, they can be powerful online tools for website traffic generation, training, and education.

DDA Interactive™ is an innovative marketing and advertising agency that employs flash game developers and creators experienced in the design, development, and programming of custom games for a variety of business sectors. With interactive services extending to virtual reality, 3D simulation, and multimedia technology, DDA Interactive™ is more than capable of creating games that leave the player with a sense of accomplishment as well as a sense of who you are and what your company or organization is all about. Macromedia Flash is 2D animation software that is installed on 97% of all U.S. computers browsing the Internet. Our interactive online Flash-based games can be viewed using the Flash Player, and for the few who don’t already have this installed, they can download the newest version by visiting Macromedia’s website.

Types of Interactive Online Flash-based Games Include:

  • Drag and drop games
  • Multiple choice games
  • Strategy (mystery/adventure/action) games
  • Turn-based games

At DDA Interactive™, you’ll work one on one with a Flash game creator or developer to conceptualize a game so that it is designed to encourage repeat visits and product/service promotion, feature individual or community interaction, and provide a simple dynamic that is challenging to master. Humorous or serious, your flash game will come equipped with user-friendly controls so that it is easy to understand and play, tracker mechanisms so that you can monitor how long people play the game and their click-stream, and options to mute all sound and sound effects and/or pause to quit and return where one left off. The end result is an interactive online Flash-based game that is as rewarding to play as it is to promote your brand. Find out more about the interactive game design, development, and programming services available at our agency, as well as how you can make marketing and advertising fun by contacting DDA Interactive™.