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Interact and Invest in a Video Sharing Community

Video is taking the world by storm as people everywhere are able to record events with sophisticated equipment or a simple mobile phone. Aside from general documentation purposes, the primary reason for recording an event is to share information with others – friends, family, peers, neighbors, and/or colleagues. Video sharing websites make it possible to view a broad range of videos within a community of online users who have the common interest in uploading, watching, and sharing previously recorded and even live streaming media. But a video sharing community is more than a means to distribute video content; if the interactive web experience is favorable, it can be a way to successfully transform hundreds and thousands of registered users who fit your demographic profile into valuable leads that translate into innumerable sales.

Unique features of online video sharing communities:

  • Record videos on the spot with webcams.
  • Share just the good stuff in specific clips instead of the entire video.
  • Enable videos to be embedded on other sites.
  • Respond to video content through comments, ratings, discussion forums, and message boards.

Among the long list of interactive services available at DDA Interactive™ is online video sharing website design and development. Our marketing and advertising agency applies advanced interactive technology to not only design a website that is as attractive as it is functional, but to develop it to include such features as individual profiles, search capabilities, wish lists, communications tools, and video uploads. Upon video submission, the clips are automatically converted to the appropriate format for proper viewing on the site, are attached to the user’s profile and may be selected by website administrators for inclusion on a dynamic feature reel for visitors entering on the front or home page. When we set forth to build a video sharing website, we consider the following criteria: ease of use; file size, storage, limitations; format, flexibility, editing, distribution, and privacy options. We will work with you to understand your marketing objectives and the wants and needs of your audience to produce a video sharing community that exceeds all expectations. Contact our interactive marketing and advertising agency to learn more.