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Social Commerce: Changing the Way you do Business Online

In a standard eCommerce website, users browse through products on their own and make selections by adding to their shopping cart where they are able to purchase the item(s) after entering their personal billing and shipping information. The process is individual, linear, and not very engaging or interactive. By enhancing eCommerce websites with social networking features, the result is a web experience that surpasses even the best real-world sale. DDA Interactive™ is a marketing and advertising agency that has effectively mastered merging interactive technologies like social networking and eCommerce to change the way consumers buy online, creating a new form of interactive media, now coined social commerce.

eCommerce is a Social Experience
Just as we would recommend a product over a phone call with a friend or suggest a company with exceptional customer service to a family member in conversation, we can exchange such information online through the combination of social networking and eCommerce technology. Social commerce provides an interactive web experience that allows users to bid on items by way of a variety of auction features; share items of interest with friends, family, or colleagues; post recommendations, reviews, and comments; and even become involved in collaborative purchasing where groups of people add to the theoretical “biggie bank” and when a predetermined goal is reached the transaction is submitted. Based on your marketing plan, DDA Interactive™ sets to work in building a social networking and eCommerce website equipped with the online applications you want and the interactive features your consumers crave.

What Social Commerce Means to your Business’ Bottom Line
By definition, social networking is viral and eCommerce refers to the ability to purchase goods via electronic media. Together these interactive technologies work to help you generate leads and sales. Not only will your social networking and eCommerce website design help your products, services, or company gain greater exposure through viral marketing, but in development the site will be equipped with the latest eCommerce capabilities that make buying decisions easy and hassle-free. At DDA Interactive™, we know that when your customers have a good experience, one sale will translate into many by word-of-mouth and online social commerce applications.

Furthermore, through website metrics, social commentary, and registering/billing/shipping information, you will be able to obtain valuable demographic information that will help you formulate future marketing and advertising plans. Find out how our social networking and eCommerce website design and development services can change the way you and your consumers do business online by contacting our interactive marketing and advertising agency today.



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