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Dynamic Digital Advertising's Trade Show Exhibit
Booth Design, Manufacturing, and Management Process

Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) is more than a graphic design company for trade show displays; rather DDA is a provider of a full line of trade show design, construction, and management services. The radical trade show design for Oncura’s display at the 2006 American Urological Association (AUA) trade show illustrates how DDA’s total trade show management process benefits companies with limited budgets and tight deadlines.

DDA’s Radical Trade Show Design Process for the AUA Trade Show
May 20 –25, 2006:

Concept and Design for the Trade Show Exhibit

Date: April 3, 2006
Days Remaining: 47

Dynamic Digital Advertising brought a few key members of their radical trade show design team, including marketers as well as a medical writer, graphic designer, and videographer, to meet with Oncura’s staff. Already prepared with sketches of a few design concepts, DDA worked with Oncura to understand the new Presice™ Cryoablation System, Oncura’s current treatment systems, and Oncura’s concerns about marketing properly to their audience of medical professionals. Complicating the design were Oncura’s three trade show spaces as well as the proximity of these spaces to a direct competitor. This planning step was instrumental in developing the trade show design that would visually-link the three areas, present the new medical device, outshine the competition, and actively engage the audience.
During the concept and design meeting, DDA’s videographer and medical writer also began rough ideas of an animated video that would entertain and educate trade show attendees. After the meeting ended, a 3D trade show exhibit design, viewable from multiple angles, was created for Oncura’s review.

Production of the Trade Show Display

Date: May 3, 2006
Days Remaining: 18

After acceptance of DDA’s formal proposal by Oncura, DDA’s graphic designers began to flesh out the trade show exhibit design as well as to devise cost-effective and simple methods for turning the concept into reality. Dynamic Digital Advertising took full financial responsibility for the exhibit’s production by locating a manufacturing company who could produce the necessary trade show signs, the 21 foot cryoneedle models, and the 5ft iceballs by the deadline and for a very competitive price. DDA then secured demonstration tables, a rotating platform for the Presice™ machine, and reception desks with bar code-scanning equipment with which attendees could scan ID cards and provide Oncura with names and contact information. DDA’s staff members also purchased the 17 LCD screens for Oncura and located white leather sofas that would make the display comfortable and inviting.

Trade Show Management Services

Date: May 10, 2006
Days Remaining: 11

Dynamic Digital Advertising’s trade show management staff also submitted the paperwork required by the Georgia World Congress Center for a nightly security guard, cleaning services, and electrical wiring. With many of the essential services taken care of, Dynamic Digital Advertising took the next step by procuring a coffee bar. The coffee bar helped to put the finishing touches on an attractive and inviting demonstration area where audience members could sit and watch Presice™ demonstrations. As the development of the animated video and informative hanging signage, which featured cryotherapy milestones and Presice™ product benefits, continued, DDA employed the skills of its in-house staff of copywriters for proofreading. This system of multiple proofing eliminated all potential grammatical and factual errors prior to the production of the trade show video and signage.

Construction Supervision for the Trade Show Display

Date: May 16, 2006
Days Remaining: 5

Two of DDA’s principal trade show designers flew to Atlanta the week before the AUA trade show was scheduled to begin. They supervised the installation of the hanging trade show serpentine banners, the patterned blue and white carpets, the cryoneedles and iceballs, etc., to guarantee the trade show exhibit was assembled and functioning properly. With three separate trade show areas, this construction supervision step was critical to the visually-cohesive design.

Dismantling and Storing the Trade Show Display

Dynamic Digital Advertising arranged the transportation of all materials to and from the trade show, and, additionally, offered a secure facility where Oncura could store their materials for future trade shows. DDA’s innovative design of the exhibit used modular units. The hanging rigid serpentine banners, for example, were composed of a strong, light-weight, laminated material which could be taken apart and reassembled in different configurations for exhibit spaces as small as 8 x 10 ft or as large as 100 x 100ft.


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