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DDA’s Trade Show Display Design Process:
Dismantling and Storing

Even when the trade show is over, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) is not done. DDA ensures that exhibit booth materials are transported to and from the venue and, when appropriate, dismantled properly and stored in a secure and accessible facility.

Call Dynamic Digital Advertising today at (215) 355–6442 for the full line of trade show display design, construction, and management services, or please visit our Trade Show Displays page.

Dismantling and storing is the final step in Dynamic Digital Advertising’s radical trade show display design, management, and manufacturing process:

Transporting Trade Show Materials
Training your sales team should be your first concern when preparing for a trade show, not trying to find out when your materials will be ready and whether they will make it to the venue on time. Similarly, after a trade show, the first order of business should be analysis of prospect information as well as beginning follow-ups. Whether you have an elaborate trade show exhibit or a simple modular trade show display, Dynamic Digital Advertising insures that all materials and equipment arrive on-site at the proper date and time and leave at the appropriate time.

Dismantling Trade Show Exhibits, Displays, and Booths
When the trade show is over, don’t throw your exhibit and display materials away. DDA-designed trade show displays often have many reusable components. When requested Dynamic Digital Advertising takes the necessary steps to ensure that trade show exhibits are dismantled properly so that they can continued to serve your company for years. Keep your costs low by investing in a trade show display design by DDA.

Storing Trade Show Display Equipment and Furniture
After the trade show, what happens to the materials used to build the exhibit? DDA has worked with clients who have needed white leather sofas, large plasma monitors, LCD screens, lighting, etc. For these clients, as well as for your company, Dynamic Digital Advertising offers secure, climatized facilities that are easily-accessible the next time the trade show equipment is needed.

Reassembling Modular Trade Show Banners
Trade show materials are expensive. Dynamic Digital Advertising has developed trade show banners that are made of light, laminated materials which can be fit together in a number of configurations. These trade show banners can be reassembled in a number of different shapes to accommodate smaller as well as larger trade show spaces. DDA stores these modular banners with other trade show equipment in a secure facility.

To discover the many benefits of Dynamic Digital Advertising’s trade show design, construction, and management system, call today or go to the Trade Show Display page to see for yourself.


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