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Limiting Your Market: What You Don't Know About Search Patterns

Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN provide companies with free online advertising by sending almost 2 billion search engine users to business sites every day. The best way to drive traffic to an advertiser's website is by organic search engine optimization developed by a professional search marketing and custom website design company like Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA). However, many advertisers are still investing in Pay Per Click (PPC) search engine internet marketing.

What Advertiser's Don't Know about Search Patterns
Last year, advertisers spent 81%, $4.7 billion of the $5.75 total, on search engine marketing. What they don't tell advertisers' is that these billions of dollars, in many cases, are going to waste. Here are some facts about pay per click search patterns that advertiser's don't know:

Each year keyword prices increase at least 20%. In 2005 keyword prices saw a 43.7% increase from 20041, but the most popular keywords often don’t produce a positive Return on Investment (ROI) because the cost of acquisition is so high.
One in seven searches result in a search engine user clicking on an advertiser’s competitor’s site, meaning that competitors are purchasing advertiser’s names and using them as their own keywords2.
80% of searchers don’t click on sponsored ads, meaning thousands of keyword terms are being purchased but search engine users are never visiting the sites that they are assigned to3.
95% of Google’s ad revenue comes from PPC search engine marketing’s high price for keywords.

Who's in Control?
Advertisers may place ads but customers are in complete control-they get to decide where they will go on the Internet. It is important for advertisers to realize that they need to reach consumers on their terms. This is why it is so crucial to use organic search engine optimization by a professional internet marketing and custom website design company like DDA. This type of online advertising assesses just how targeted audiences' are searching and customizes an advertiser's website to appear when and where audiences' are searching. 

1 iProspect
2 Hitwise study 2006
3 The iProspect Search Engine User Behavior Study, April 2006


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Since 1994, Dynamic Digital Advertising has been one of the premier custom website design and development companies in Philadelphia. Through their own proprietary 14 step process DDA utilizes services including keyword research, content development, organic search engine optimization and search engine marketing to send your company’s website to the first page of search results in major search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN. The relevancy of the page combined with the graphic design services DDA has to offer result in a webpage that grabs the attention of a website viewer, captivates them and then converts them into a customer.
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Dynamic Digital Advertising has all the resources you’ll need to get an edge on the competition. Offering the largest variety of marketing and promotional graphic design service in the country, DDA has been enhancing corporate identity since 1994. Located in Philadelphia and serving countries across the US, Web designers at DDA utilize such services as large format graphics, trade show graphic design, animation, virtual reality, CGI and digital photography to provide your company with a high-impact design that grabs attention and increase corporate identity.
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