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An affiliate program is an online Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising program offering monetary incentives for a website to drive traffic to the advertiser's website. The advertiser pays a commission to the affiliate for the clicks, leads, or sales generated from a link located on the affiliates' site. Unlike organic SEO results developed by a professional custom website design company like Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) who design websites with relevancy in mind, affiliate programs eliminate an advertisers need to find a website with related content to generate the targeted audience for their product.

Types of Affiliates
Marketers break affiliates down into 3 main categories: super affiliates; active but underproductive affiliates; or inactive affiliates1. Overall, there are 6 types of affiliates. Super affiliates, the top 2%, are hard to find and aren't easy to recruit. Power Affiliates, do everything from opt-in to joint venture (JV) partners programs that offer trade of services or marketing to non-competing businesses to generate traffic. Multi-merchant affiliates have large incomes but from hundreds of different sites and have little time to truly focus on an advertiser. Niche affiliates are relatively new but have strong presence within their niche. Webmaster affiliates dominate top search results through their huge content sites. Lastly, "scraper" affiliates do anything from building junk sites to creating back-link machines.

Affiliates bear the burdens of effort and time it costs an advertiser to market their product and only requires payment for results. They also eliminate an advertiser's need to find a website with related content to list their banners. Affiliates can boast increased brand awareness across the market and can successfully increase sales. Many large online retailers claim affiliate marketing produces their highest return on investment (ROI)2.

Affiliates do not drive the targeted traffic an online advertising strategy like organic search engine optimization does. For advertisers to really benefit from an affiliate they need to find the elusive top 2% of super affiliates, who are difficult to recruit. Many affiliates employ strategies like spamming, back-links and viral materials to market your products. The affiliate websites can then be penalized under search engine regulations and the product may become associated with this bad publicity, dramatically decreasing the customers trust in a product. Affiliate programs are common in the retail and business-to-consumer market segment and almost non-existent in the business-to-business online marketplace.

Affiliate Program Management
When working with an affiliate program it is essential to train, activate and support it constantly. Affiliate program management can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money just to make the program understand an advertiser’s product and marketing needs. Once the affiliate begins it also takes a lot of time to constantly communicating with the affiliate in order to produce desired the results.

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