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Digital Food Photography by Dynamic Digital Advertising in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware
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Digital Food Photography Services from
Dynamic Digital Advertising

Entice people to go to your restaurant, to review the recipes in your cookbook, or to buy food products online or by phone with commercial food photography from Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA). As Philadelphia’s first digital photography company, we have produced commercial photographs for clients of all kinds. Considered one of the most difficult specialties for professional photographers, food photography involves precise lighting, mouth-watering composition, close angles, and more. Good food photography may be challenging for most, but at DDA our experience allows us to take digital or traditional pictures of food, on-location or in the studio, with or without models.

We make food look so good in a photograph that it will make you instantaneously hungry: contact DDA for commercial digital food photography services now.

call 215-355-6442 for digital food photography

But why is food photography so difficult? For the reason that you have little time to shoot before the food loses its appetizing appeal. Within 1-3 minutes after organizing props such as the plate, glassware, napkins, etc. and approximating the aperture, camera stand, lighting, and other equipment, whip cream runs, wet food dries, ice cream melts, fried food becomes greasy, and the steam disappears. That’s why many photographers will often find it easier to work with imitation food than with the real thing. DDA’s professional food stylists and photographers utilize real food or beverages for a shot that leaves viewers craving more.

Laws Governing Food Photography
In the United States there is a law that regards truth in advertising. This law requires that actual food be used in advertisements that display food consumers would be able to buy and eat. However, the food surrounding the actual food item can be artificial. Foods used to illustrate recipes in cookbooks or magazine articles can use artificial food as well. Dynamic Digital Advertising is conversant with all U.S. laws concerning advertising to provide you with exceptional photographs of food that comply with federal regulations because is it always real, delicious, and appetizing.

Commercialize Your Food Photography
By offering one of the most extensive service offerings in the nation, DDA, a cutting-edge digital photography company, is able to capture great images of your food products or main dish for all forms of print-, CD-ROM/DVD-, or web-based media. We not only take high quality commercial photographs, we integrate them into the graphic design of everything from brochures, catalogs, direct mail pieces, and packing to custom websites, CD-ROMs, DVDs, and more. Promote your food consistently and effectively; call DDA today for professional commercial photography and graphic design services.




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Market the benefits of your latest medical device, clear FDA guidelines with ease, and effectively sell your product to medical professionals and the general public all at once with DDA Medical. DDA Medical has the medical marketing strategies and experience to facilitate direct-to-consumer and business-to-business sales. With the ability to promote your products and services through a variety of media, including the Internet, print, and television, DDA Medical can target the exact customers you are looking to advertise your medical equipment to. For more information on our medical device marketing services and how DDA Medical will help your business succeed, visit the following pages: Medical Website Design and Development, Medical Print Design, Medical Video Production, and Medical Trade Show Graphics.
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If your company is in the market for corporate or medical video production services, then you should look no further than Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA). Offering every service from preproduction to the final touches of post production and disk label and design, DDA has just what you need to make exceptional video productions. With services all under one roof including scriptwriting, casting, video editing, special effects (FX), and CD-ROM and DVD production, DDA can serve your exact needs to effectively market and advertise your products and services. We can do it all. For New Product Launch Videos, Financial Videos, Trade Show Videos, and Training Videos, DDA is the right choice for you.
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A website might just be the perfect medium for displaying your latest food photography. With a professional web site design from Dynamic Digital Advertising, a leading custom web site design and development company, your food photography can effectively promote your restaurant and culinary skills to a broad audience. Not only do we take pictures of cuisines that make people’s mouths water, we create websites based on a 14-step proprietary process that attract the attention of search engines and searchers alike.
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Even the best food photography may not be enough to get people interested in your restaurant or products or services. Whether you intend to include food photography on a brochure, sell sheet, website, advertisement, or any other media, the graphic design must be professional and aesthetically pleasing. As a premier graphic design company, Dynamic Digital Advertising takes the shots and creates the graphic designs that get people lining up at your restaurant door or filling orders at record speeds.
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