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Call Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), a custom website design company. We perform the in-depth competitor marketing analysis which takes a close look at what web strategies are working for your competitors and what web strategies are not. By studying their Internet marketing tactics, DDA can devise a plan that will help your website rise above theirs.

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Website management by Dynamic Digital Advertising works to build more powerful marketing tools on top of the work that has already been done. Your competitors have already supplied a great deal of market research for you by providing countless examples of trials and errors. When studying competitors, DDA looks at some of the following:

Target Markets, Market Segments, and Niche Markets
You and a particular competitor may share a keyword and offer similar products. This, however, does not mean you’re both working to attract the same visitors. Dynamic Digital Advertising looks at your competitors’ keywords, their actual position on the major search engines for those keywords, what visitors are finding the website, and whether the rival website is effectively competing with yours for the same traffic.

Strengths of Competitors’ Websites
Some competitors’ websites have useful tools such as converters, calculators, information requests, etc. Other websites present their product line well with 3D rotation or streaming videos. Dynamic Digital Advertising discovers what strengths of a website are attracting and converting website visitors.

Weaknesses of Competitors’ Websites
Just because another website has flashy graphic design, 3D animations, or another type of tool doesn’t mean its a better website. Nor does it mean you should incorporate those elements into your website. DDA researches to see if these tools are actually improving their online business and whether the introduction of these tools interferes with earning high search engine rankings.

The Current Positions of their Websites and Yours
How have search engines ranked your competitors’ websites? What are those positions in relation to yours? Dynamic Digital Advertising does not blindly undertake website improvement jobs: DDA carefully researches and judiciously decides what steps need to be taken to help your website place above theirs.

Dynamic Digital Advertising uses the competitor marketing analysis
to provide you with the material you need to improve your website’s
marketing strategies. Call DDA now to learn more about the competitor
marketing analysis for website management and improvement.



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Dynamic Digital Advertising does more than retrofit and improve existing websites: Dynamic Digital Advertising is a custom website design company who relies on a fourteen-step website design process which has been proven to earn higher search engine rankings and convert more visitors. Custom website design by DDA is for clients who need a completely new website design. Dynamic Digital Advertising not only designs, develops, constructs, and launches the website but provides comprehensive professional hosting options as well as ongoing post-launch optimization.
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Make better first impressions on your target audience with graphic designs by Dynamic Digital Advertising, one of America’s top graphic design firms. Dynamic Digital Advertising is proud to house one of the most comprehensive graphic design service lines in the nation. DDA can design corporate logos, print media such as brochure, catalogs, sell sheets, calendars, etc., trade show booths, banners, and displays, and much more. Some of the tools that Dynamic Digital Advertising’s graphic designers utilize include 3D animation and illustration, digital photography, and Flash animation.
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