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Administrative Applications of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems by DDA

Businesses today require security and control. If you manage or own a business, you understand the importance of keeping information on prospects, customers, pricing, etc. organized, accessible, and still protected from your competitors. However, you also understand the significance of control: the ability to monitor the productivity levels of employees, the ability to communicate easily with them, the ability to ensure they always have the most up-to-date information. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software by Dynamic Digital Advertising is custom programmed to meet your needs for corporate security and control of your company’s information and sales process.

Call Dynamic Digital Advertising to learn more about how our custom programming for CRM systems that include administrative applications which can enhance the productivity of your employees. Benefits of Customer Relationship Management administrative logins include:

More Secure CRM Applications and Transactions
What’s in your CRM system? Your system can include leads, contacts, and sales histories, product benefits, receipts and other related documents, technical specifications, or indications of how your sales cycle or business model works. Administrative logins allow for comprehensive monitoring of who is in your CRM system and where they are in the sales process. This privilege is not meant for all employees: it allows you to add and remove users, restrict their ability to access or permanently alter a document or feature, and see whether any unwanted visitors have trespassed into your system.

Better Communication with Employees
Dynamic Digital Advertising builds administrative logins for managers, CEOs, presidents, and other executives which allow them to post announcements, newsletters, and more. These announcements are reflected in an employee’s account the moment they enter the Customer Relationship Management system and ensures that each employee is guaranteed access to the information they need.

Automatic Updates for Product or Service Information and Related Documents
Over time, your product and service lines change as the way you format proposals and outline contracts change. Keep all related documents uniform with an administrative login application by Dynamic Digital Advertising. An administrator can make changes to downloadable files, online catalogs, technical documents, and more, and have all those changes reflected the next time the document is retrieved, viewed, altered, and sent. The result is that every employee works from the same set of updated information.

Comprehensive Monitoring of Productivity
Some sales reps have consistently higher performance records. Do you know why? Administrative access to the entire CRM system allows you to search and see why some employees perform better than others. If Employee A turns more leads into clients than Employee B, the administrative login helps you understand why. If Employee A is maintaining a more comprehensive contact history and task management log, you may infer that Employee B is not completing his work. If the database records for Employees A and B are similar, you may see that Employee B is working with a less responsive market segment, which indicates it may be time to focus your efforts elsewhere.

Dynamic Digital Advertising is a leader in programming custom CRM technology. Contact DDA at (215) 355-6442 to learn about administrative applications and its many benefits.



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