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Usability Solutions for Website Design and Development

Testing and fixing a website after it has been built or launched is inefficient and unlikely to produce the needed results. For your website to be successful, it is important to consider how well users will be able to navigate the site not just after launch, but throughout the custom website design and development process. To meet this need, Dynamic Digital Advertising, a professional custom website design company, plans for intuitive usability and aims for improvement with the To Be Sure™ Website Usability Analysis, which provides high-end, expert evaluation at cost-effective prices for companies of all sizes.

To be sure or not to be sure? Why run the risk of having website visitors leave your site due to counter-intuitive navigability – be certain that visitors not only stay at your site, but respond to your call to action. Read on or call DDA directly at (215) 355-6442 for more information on what our professional custom website design and development process and To Be Sure™ program can do for you.

Benefits of Planning Intuitive Usability in the Website Design and Development Process

Custom Website Design and Usability
In the initial website design stage, we first determine the goals for the website based on the perspectives of the user and the business. Users needs help us target usability guidelines and requirements. If your company already has a website, we can evaluate the existing version, perform a competitive analysis, and conduct user interviews and surveys to get an idea of how your company is being represented on the Internet now and what could be changed for future advancement. Once we have addressed users needs and obtained user feedback, we then create a preliminary site design and architecture at an abstract level. From here we can define critical usability features for development.

Custom Website Development and Usability
With design and architecture ideas in place, DDA creates visual representations (mockups) or interactive representations (prototypes) of the site. Then we conduct usability testing through focus groups or observational analysis. The results of this testing indicate whether the new design and architecture will work or if modifications must be made. The final product is only created when all of your company’s business objectives as well as your website’s design and usability goals are met.

Website Maintenance and Usability
Website usability doesn’t end there. Dynamic Digital Advertising’s To Be Sure™ Website Usability Analysis further refines the website and takes into account everything from traffic reports, to user experience, to expert observation, to focus groups, to site navigation analysis, to site design appearance and functionality.  The To Be Sure™ program comprises three levels of website usability testing: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each level relies on different methods to determine what the sitebrowsing experience is like and to provide detailed recommendations on how to improve the site while eliminating problem areas and general deficiencies.

Help visitors navigate the site easily, absorb the information quickly, and respond to your call-to-action appropriately by investing in DDA’s comprehensive custom website design and development process and To Be Sure™ website usability analysis.



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