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Who's Who in Search Engine Marketing

Google, The Number One Search Engine

Google is the leading search engine with 46% of search engine users reporting that they use Google as their primary search engine. In excess of 200 million searches a day pass through their server1. There are many opportunities for online advertising here, with the Pay Per Click (PPC) program Adwords or the contextual advertising program Adsense. But 70% of all clicks on Google are organic search engine listings2. Working with a professional website marketing and custom website development company, like Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), can give an advertiser the search engine optimization it needs to appear in the top search results of these organic listings.

Google Features
Froogle is a separate shopping search engine that offers advertisers a spot in its index for free, with both sponsored links and organic search results just like Google's main search engine. Adwords is Google's Pay Per Click program that places ads on top of or alongside organic search results. Adsense is the contextual advertising program that offers relevant content pages of non-commerce sites. G-mail is Google's free email service with ten times the storage of competing free email services. Adsense's contextual technology "reads" the email and then offers relevant sponsored links.

Quality Guidelines
Google's #1 quality guideline is that sites are designed with the user experience in mind. This means no hidden texts or links, redirects, "doorway" pages, viruses or any other "black hat" means that trick a search engine user into viewing your site. The goal is always to provide unique and relevant content. A SEM oriented custom website development company like DDA can help optimize your website to meet these quality guidelines and raise your websites position in the organic search results of Google. Google recently showed its dedication to providing its users with relevant search results by banning BMW's German website for violating their quality guidelines. 

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4 BBC News 02/28/2006


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Since 1994, Dynamic Digital Advertising has been a leader in custom website design and development companies. With its 14 step process, including keyword research, organic search engine optimization and search engine marketing, DDA has the experience needed to turn website visitors into consumers. DDA has an in-house team of copywriters to develop content to maximum relevancy for search engine first page results and extensive graphic design services to make a website as eye-catching as possible, enhancing the user experience.
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Enhancing your company’s corporate identity is as easy as calling Dynamic Digital Advertising. Located in Philadelphia and serving cites across the country, DDA has the most complete list of digital marketing and promotional services in the United States. We offer logo design and branding that impresses a company’s investors, colleagues and clients. Our expert graphic designers specialize in attention grabbing graphics that increase a company’s presence at a trade show through booths, posters, table covers, banners and video.
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