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Who's Who in Search Engine Marketing

Industrial Directories

A recent shift has put pressure on industrial companies to invest in online advertising strategies like organic search engine optimization by a professional custom website development company like Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), Pay Per Click (PPC) search engine marketing, or industrial directory placement. For years industrial companies placed listings in industrial directories like Thomas Register, a huge multivolume print resource. That is until Thomas Register stopped printing and started publishing its industrial directory on the internet.

Where Industrial Marketing is Headed
In a recent GlobalSpec survey, 56% of industrial marketers said they plan on increasing marketing spending. More than half plan on spending more money on search engine marketing, online directories, websites and e-mail advertising. Thirty-five percent of respondents reported they will spend more than half of the marketing budget on online marketing1.

The Cost of Industrial Directories
Costs of placing listings on Industrial Directories varies greatly. Thomasnet, the vertical search by Thomas Register, is by far the most popular of the industrial directories. It is broken into 65 thousand categories and companies buy ranking points for $240, in order to achieve top listings and an additional $95 if you want the listing to include a link to your website. GlobalSpec, an engineering directory, offers free submission but the cost for an advertiser to load their product and reap benefits of lead generations can run around $15,000 per year. KellySearch, has a price range from a base package of $3500 to $17000, for industrial companies.

The Problems with Industrial Directories
Before, industrial directories were essential for business-to-business searches, but now major search engines, like Google, Yahoo! and MSN, are sending over 2 billion searches a day to business sites. In many cases advertisers are spending up to $10 a visitor when they can receive free advertising instead. Similar to PPC programs, smaller companies who cannot afford purchasing ranking points that will place them on the first page of search results will earn very little return on investment (ROI). Industrial companies would benefit much more by enhancing their website with organic search engine optimization by a professional custom website development company like DDA. 

1 GlobalSpec survey 2006


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Premier custom website design and development company, Dynamic Digital Advertising, has been optimizing websites with its 14 step process since 1994. DDA can catapult your company’s website to the first page of search engine listings combining organic search engine optimization and custom website design services, making your website more powerful and profitable. Services include keyword research, content development, organic search engine marketing and search engine marketing. The end result is a website that is both visually appealing and extremely relevant.
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Clients of Dynamic Digital Advertising enjoy the benefits of the largest offering of digital marketing and promotional services in the United States. Clients are able to enhance corporate identity and impress their own clients, business partners and investors by utilizing DDA’s graphic design services to develop branding and logo designs. Some services include video production, 2D and 3D animation, digital photography, CGI, interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs, print media and website design. By working with DDA, companies are able to gain the exposure they need to increase their presence in the market.
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