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The Original Custom Website Design Company


A preferred custom website design company based in the greater Philadelphia area, Dynamic Digital Advertising gives clients access to a professional, custom website design and website development program that integrates fourteen significant stages. Complying with the requirements of these stages is critical to procuring top-ten placements on highly-utilized search engines which include Google, Yahoo, and MSN as well as to converting many website visitors into partners or customers. Dynamic Digital Advertising’s professional website design program uses tools such as keyword research services, planned architecture, ethical search engine optimization, copywriting, and competitor marketing analysis, and furthermore includes post-launch services like the web site usability analysis, secure website hosting options, and refined metrics tracking.
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Maintaining one of the most diverse offerings of graphic design services in the U.S., Dynamic Digital Advertising, a major graphic design firm, commits to building the promotional media its clients need. Dynamic Digital Advertising depends on cutting-edge digital technology as well as the adeptness of many graphic on-staff design artists to develop graphic designs for virtual reality tours, digital videos, packaging, website storefronts, trade show displays, CD-ROMs and DVDs, posters, truck and bus signs, and many others. With DDA graphic design supporting your advertising campaign, your organization will experience a higher level of profitability.
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Live and Archive Webcasting Service by Dynamic Digital Advertising

Communicate Visually to Communicate Effectively

Live and Archive Webcasting Services by Dynamic Digital Advertising
The full range of services for live and video archive webcasts is available at Dynamic Digital Advertising. Work closely with professional, experienced programmers, technicians, and videographers to set up, record, and archive webcasts to establish effective, visual communication with your target audience.

Benefits of webcasting by Dynamic Digital Advertising extend to:

Live Visual Project Collaboration
Take the conference call to the next level with DDA’s live webcasting services. Let colleagues see and respond to your facial expressions and body language as well as your voice. Collaboration on cross-country or transnational projects becomes two-way because your partners establish visual, human connections with your words. Project your presence, ideas, concepts, and products to viewers across town and around the world through live webcasting solutions.

Corporate and Financial Meetings
Don’t miss getting everyone you want to attend at that all-important meeting. If your meeting is in Tokyo but you are in Philadelphia, a live webcast meeting from DDA will allow you to watch, listen, and participate from your own office. Simply too crunched for time to attend? Webcasts let you catch up at your leisure. Archived webcasting services record meetings and upload them to DDA servers for later review. Listen to the entire meeting and analyze body language or voice tone not available through a minutes sheet or a co-worker’s fill-in.

Archived Customer Service and Support
Provide outstanding customer support. Retain and satisfy long-time customers and win the loyalty of new customers with archived webcasts. One of the biggest complaints today in all industries is the lack of friendly, understandable customer support. Archived webcasts let customers immediately access visual help for product-related problems; these webcasts visually explain product assembly, operation, and more. Webcasts also save time and money and give your customers more control.

Live and Archived Distance Education and Training
Educate and train employees and students effectively through visual communication available with live and archived webcasting. With more nontraditional students than ever, schools and universities who offer two-way live Internet webcast classes experience higher enrollment, graduation, and student satisfaction rates. Additionally, more corporations than ever are using training sessions to keep their employees motivated and productive. Reach more people through live classes that are webcast around-the-clock thereby meshing perfectly with students’ busy schedules.

Archived and Live Events and Entertainment
Record events such as lectures, symposiums, award ceremonies, concerts, sporting events, and more with webcasting. Broadcast to a specific audience live or at a later date to maximize your coverage and make events and other entertainment available to large audiences. Unlike television, AM/FM radio, and newsprint, which are limited by scheduling conflicts, networks’ availability, distribution areas, etc., archived webcasts are retrievable at any time and from any computer with Internet access and therefore allow you to reach larger numbers of people.

Why Choose Webcasting for your
Company, School, or Organization?

Almost 80% of human communication is visual. Body language and facial expression, lost through emails and conference calls, are crucial to selling products and presenting information. Dynamic Digital Advertising provides the easy, cost-effective methods that allow your audience to make a human connection with your business and retain more of the verbal information.

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DDA serves clients on a national level across the United States as well as outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and in Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, and Washington D.C. Since 1994, we have developed the effective communication methods necessary for doing business across great distances. Call today to find out how we can do the same for you. Dynamic Digital Advertising custom designs, professionally develops, and hosts two types of Intranet websites for businesses: Employee Intranet and Customer Intranet. Read on to learn to more about benefits of Employee and Customer Intranet.

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