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Who's Who in Search Engine Marketing

MSN Adcenter

In May of 2006, MSN officially released Microsoft Adcenter, an online advertising Pay Per Click program that will go head to head with Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing Products to sell ads on the Internet. Adcenter ads will reach over 40 million search engine users, but still will not reap the benefits of a website developed through organic search engine optimization by a professional custom website development company like Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA).

What makes Adcenter different from other Pay Per Click (PPC) search engine programs?
Adcenter provides advertisers with sophisticated and detailed information about search engine users. Advertisers receive profiles including search engine users' location, age, gender and sometimes their income level, without revealing the search engine user's identity, which is more than Google and Yahoo! can offer their advertisers. Advertisers will also be allowed to select specific times during the day and week when their ads will be displayed. Adcenter will broaden the areas in which they will place their ads, launching ads in e-mail, the Spaces blogging program, mobile applications, in Office Live and on Xbox.

Cost of Adcenter
Adcenter starts with a $5 activation fee. After that, keyword bidding begins at $.05. Instead of billing you separately for every click, Adcenter bills you once a month or starts advertisers with a threshold of $50. Whenever the cost per click reaches $50, then a payment is required. As an account progresses with an advertiser, the threshold can increase up to $2000. There is a budgeting option which allows you to choose a monthly budget which is then evenly distributed across the days that you choose. If you reach your daily budget before the day is through, your ad will stop running for the remainder of the day. If you do not meet your daily spending, the remainder is then evenly distributed throughout the remaining days.

The Problems with Adcenter
As with all PPC programs, 4 out of 5 search engine users report avoiding paid search engine listings1, which means no matter how targeted an online advertising campaign is, a website designed by a professional custom website design company like DDA will drive significantly more traffic to your website. Adcenter is still young and lacks the subscription base that Google or Yahoo! has obtained through the years. It also lacks the variety of services that Google and Yahoo have to offer, like contextual advertising and affiliate programs. However, Google does recognize the threat Adcenter poses to potentially become the most efficiently targeted Pay Per Click program on the web. Earlier this year, Google announced it has offered AOL/Time Warner $1 billion to use their ads for 5 percent of AOL and more favorable placement for AOL/TW content. Microsoft executives tried to make AOL/Time Warner an offer, recognizing that it needed their content to get Adcenter off to the right start, but now are locked out of the AOL/Time Warner content. 

1 The iProspect Search Engine User Behavior Study, April 2006


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