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Who's Who in Search Engine Marketing

Number Three Search Engine: MSN

MSN, Microsoft's search engine network, is the third largest search engine with 11% of search engine users claiming it as their primary search engine1. MSN reaches 2 out of 3 search engine users daily and over 40 million a month2. Developing a website powered by organic search engine optimization, with the help of a professional custom website design company like Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), can help an advertiser achieve a higher search position within MSN's search listings. MSN has other online advertising options, such as Adcenter, a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising program.

MSN Features
MSN Search has a special system that starts with a team of their own editors. These editors monitor the most popular searches and hand-pick those searches they consider most relevant to the search content. This system causes many in the search engine marketing field to believe that MSN is the search engine with the most relevant data. MSN's email feature, Hotmail, is a free email service with 2GB of memory that has 215 million active members worldwide. MSN Messenger has 185 million active members and is currently the largest IM service available with the ability to also connect with Yahoo! Messenger members. MSN Encarta is an online encyclopedia designed with students in mind, with clear organization, frequent updates and Homework Center designed to help students answer difficult questions.

The Future of MSN
MSN has made a $100 million long term global campaign dedicated to organic search, constantly making updates to search so that the most precise and relevant pages are delivered. MSN is currently working on developing its own crawler-based technology to break free from being powered by Yahoo. MSN has seen revenue decrease 2%, to $593 million, in the second quarter of 20063 and is currently seeking ways to revamp their online advertising techniques. Some of the options they are considering will differentiate MSN from their bigger, competing search engines Google and Yahoo! such as selling ads on Xbox, Xbox Live and on some new web-based software products like Office Live and Windows Live.  

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2 Nielsen//Netratings
3 BtoB Magazine Feb 13, 2006


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Dynamic Digital Advertising, located in Philadelphia, is a leader in custom website design and development companies. Using a 14 step process, DDA can optimize a website to a more powerful position in the first page of search engine listings. This process includes keyword research, content development, search engine marketing and organic search engine optimization. Through these services the website becomes more relevant and more visually engaging, making the user experience so enjoyable that users convert to consumers.
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