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How long is your typical sales cycle? How important is it for you not just to serve but to delight customers? How much data do you have on hand about your customers, and where is it? Choose your answers and consider this: your company can benefit from custom contact management databases for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA). Contact management applications for CRM provide an accessible, central location for all customer data which provides your sales team with the ammunition they need to build stronger ties between your company and its customers. A leader in custom CRM solutions in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and other regional and national areas, DDA’s state-of-the-art programming capabilities build contact databases that provide every sales rep and manager in your corporation with an organized system that provides instant information.

Dynamic Digital Advertising’s contact databases are programmed to provide customer information quickly and easily. Whether you serve private consumers or other businesses, provide your employees with a central contact information database that provides them with the data necessary to fill a customer’s needs.

Keep Contact Information in One Place
Before the advent of digital technology, companies had no choice but to use rolodexes, filing cabinets, and business cards to store customer contact information. Not only could this information be misplaced, it was difficult to access (especially by another employee), troublesome to update, and limited in the amount of updated information included. Contact management databases for CRM by Dynamic Digital Advertising store this information in a central arena, are accessible through any approved login, and can be rapidly updated as soon as a sales associate discovers dated information.

Update Instantaneously
Customers move to new offices or homes, find different jobs, retire, are replaced by new contacts, and much more. Any sales representative can update this contact information. Once the new numbers and addresses have been submitted to the database, they are instantly reflected for the next person who needs them. Companies who have asked DDA for database-driven CRM software can even have updated contact information immediately reflected within an employee’s personal account without his or her needing to search the main contact database and verify the contact information.

Do More to Impress Your Customers
With so many businesses actively competing for the same market segments, impressing and delighting current customers is critical to maintaining loyalty. Customers have very different needs today than they did only a short time ago. Associates who interact with these customers can update contact information so your company takes the right steps to target a customer’s needs. Other information that can be put into a contact management database includes the best times to be contacted, relevant trade shows, product preferences... just about anything a sales rep needs to customize service to an individual. DDA puts this information in a central location to help you delight your customers with phenomenal service customized to their needs.

Call Dynamic Digital Advertising for the custom CRM tools that help you know your customers, target their needs with the right products and services at the right times, and build more profitable business-to-consumer or business-to-business relationships.


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