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The second tier of search engines, including AltaVista, AOL, Ask, AlltheWeb, Gigablast, Netscape Search, Snap, and WISEnut, captures 20% of primary search engine usage from daily search engine users. Most of these search engines have their own online advertising programs, or are listed through other search engines, including pay per click advertising programs, affiliate ads and contextual advertising. However, the best way for an advertiser's pages to appear in the top search results of one of these search engines is to use organic search engine optimization services from a professional custom website design company like Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA).

Search Engines Powered by Other Search Engines
Search Engines Alta Vista, AOL, Netscape and WISENut all gather their indexes from the more popular search engines. Alta Vista was the first web index, the first to use multilingual, the first to offer audio and video capabilities and has over 60 search patents-that's more than any other search engine. Advertisers can place ads on AltaVista's site by listing with Yahoo! Search Marketing with products for PPC programs, contextual advertising and affiliate programs. AOL provides the same listings from Google. Being an AOL subscriber means having access to internal search listings of AOL as well as the entire listings of the web through Google, but it comes with a price tag. An advertiser needs to be listed with Google in order to display their ads on AOL pages. Netscape also uses Google for its main listings but offers a different look and feel. WISENut is a Looksmart search engine. Listings are gathered two ways: one, advertisers pay to be listed; and two, editors catalog sites into non-commercial categories for free.

Search Engines with an Organic Emphasis
AskJeeves, formerly Teoma, is a crawler-based search engine that has been praised for its relevancy since 2000. The popular "Refine" feature offers suggested related topics after you've completed your search. The "Resources" feature points users to a page of references about the topic searched. To submit an ad to Ask, it is suggested that you utilize organic search engine optimization, which is best when done by a professional website design company like DDA. Alltheweb, powered by Yahoo, offers a lighter organic search experience. Their focus is on web search and not paid listings.

Search Engines that Break the Mold
Gigablast has a smaller index but is extremely experimental, constantly testing new features like data extraction, hosted searches and custom topic searches. Snap displays visual data, as well as text, when showing search results thus offering a peek at the search results with the ability to interact with those pages without losing Snap's delivered search results. Snap also anticipates a search engine user's search, once you type in the first letter Snap delivers a drop down menu with popular search terms, synonyms and suggestions.  


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With their extensive 14 step process, Dynamic Digital Advertising has been optimizing websites to be included in the top search results of the major search engines since 1994. A premier custom website design and development company, with services including keyword research, content development, search engine marketing and organic search engine optimization, DDA has the resources needed to get that edge over the competition. These services enhance a website’s visual appeal and also help it achieve maximum relevancy. These optimized websites are so user friendly that website visitors convert to customers.
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The most complete offering of digital marketing and promotional services in the United States belongs to Dynamic Digital Advertising. By employing the services of experienced graphic designers, clients are able to impress clients, colleagues and investors by enhancing their corporate identities. Clients are able to establish a corporate identity through branding and logo design with services such as video production, interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs, print media, website design and animation. DDA also offers an extensive list of trade show services that covers every base from video production to table covers.
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