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Pay Per Click Alternative

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Pay Per Click Advertising, an Overview

Pay Per Click (PPC) search engine advertising is an online advertising program that allows an advertiser to pay only for each time a consumer clicks on a link to their site. PPC programs do not generate the traffic or conversion rates of organic search engine optimization websites, created by a professional search marketing and custom website design company like Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA).

Pay Per Click Online Advertising
In Pay Per Click Advertising, advertisers are able to bid on their desired keywords and keyword phrases and pay for placement in search results. The idea is to generate targeted traffic to an advertiser's website. Advertisers pay for each time a click on a sponsored ad results in a website visit. PPC programs may seem beneficial to smaller businesses that don't have huge advertising budgets and want to control their spending. What they don't realize is that keyword costs increase in price at least 20% a year and acquisition costs often exceed any profit earned.

Problems with Pay Per Click
A very serious problem with Pay Per Click advertising is click fraud. Competitors drain an advertiser's Pay Per Click budget by clicking repeatedly on a link to their site but never make a conversion. In fact, an estimated 15%-30% of click-throughs are fraudulent, conducted either by software created just for this purpose or by actual human beings. There are even thousands of companies in India that can be hired that are dedicated to clicking on a competitor's website for pennies.

It is hard to achieve an advertiser's desired results with a Pay Per Click Program because 4 out of 5 search engine users report that they do not click on paid placement sites1. Pay Per Click programs can provide a website with an immediate boost in results. However, as soon as the budget runs out or the campaign ends, the results cease. With an organic search engine optimization campaign developed by a professional search engine marketing custom website development company like DDA, however, the results are unending. 

1 The iProspect Search Engine User Behavior Study, April 2006


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Dynamic Digital Advertising has been earning company’s top search engine rankings since 1994. Located in Philadelphia but servicing cities across the US, DDA is a custom website design and development company with a 14 step process and has services that include keyword research, content development, organic search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Through these services websites become more relevant and visually appealing, making the user experience more enjoyable. This gains the trust of a website visitor and converts them into a customer.
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A premier graphic design firm, Dynamic Digital Advertising offers the most complete range of marketing and promotional services in the country. DDA has been improving client’s corporate identities since 1994 through graphic design branding and logo design. Clients can choose from a number of different services to improve their corporate presentation including interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs, video production, digital photography, print media and 2D and 3D animation services. Clients can also boost their presence at trade shows with DDA’s high-impact graphic design services that include banners, displays, table covers, videos and more.
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