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The Pay Per Click Alternative

Pay Per Click Alternative

Growth of Search Engine Marketing

Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing

Pay Per Click search engine marketing is an online advertising program where an advertiser pays an agreed amount for each click onto a link to their site. The results of a Pay Per Click (PPC) program are immediate, making PPC marketing a solution for a company who wants to receive a short-term increase in traffic from a search engine's websites.

How does Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing Work?
PPC marketing limits an online advertising campaign's keywords to a few very specific terms relevant to your company's website. Unlike Organic SEO, companies then bid on these keywords within an auction mechanism to purchase the keyword or keyword phrases most relevant to your website. The aim of Pay Per Click services is not to drive as much relevant traffic to your website as possible like an organic site listing created by a professional custom website design company such as Dynamic Digital Advertising, but rather to drive a limited amount of very specific traffic that will produce your desired result.

How much does Pay Per Click Marketing Cost?
Of $5.75 billion spent on search engine marketing in 2005, $4.70 billion or 81% of the total cost, was spent on Pay Per Click marketing programs1.

Cost of Pay Per Click programs varies greatly. The market controls the cost per click and it changes frequently due to keyword popularity. The initial cost of a Pay Per Click program can be less expensive than that of an organic search engine optimization program but its cost in the long run can be considerably higher. Because of the increasing popularity of Pay Per Click advertising programs, cost for keyword bids and competition are rising. One study found that 57% of companies surveyed felt that their keywords were "too expensive" and 51% revealed that they are concerned they are paying too much for their keywords2.Pay Per Click campaigns rarely require contracts so your company is free to pull funds from your PPC budget and apply them to other online advertising programs if you are not seeing the desired results.

Problems with Pay Per Click
Every year the initial cost of paid search marketing rises over 20%. The advertisers who pay for the top spot often don't make their investment back but agree to pay because they need to be there so the acquisition cost for a new customer may exceed any profit realized. Eighty percent of searchers report that they don't click on sponsored ads that means that 4 out of every 5 search engine users will pass by your site if it appears on the paid placement side of a search results page. Lastly, an estimated 15-30% of all click-throughs are fraudulent.

Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing Services
Paid search management does not necessarily require a professional website design company like Dynamic Digital Advertising to maintain their PPC campaigns because they can be maintained by an in house staff. Professional Pay Per Click advertising management services will, however help you develop an expert strategy for bid management and evaluate whether you are getting the maximum return on investment.

1 SEMPO "The State of Search Engine Marketing 2005"
2 JupiterMedia 2003


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Since 1994, Dynamic Digital Advertising, Philadelphia’s premier custom website design and development company, has helped companies achieve top ranking in major search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN. Through a fourteen step development process, DDA is able to drive more traffic to a site by optimizing its content to maximum relevancy for the search engines. Website visitors land at a webpage that delivers relevant content, compelling graphics, state-of-the-art animation, video, and more, that makes the user experience more enjoyable and informative—influencing them to become customers.
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Dynamic Digital Advertising, Philadelphia’s premier graphic design service has the most complete list of digital marketing and promotional services in the country. Companies enhance corporate identity through branding or logo design by our expert team of graphic designers. Some services include 2D and 3D animation, interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs, website design and print media. DDA can also enhance a company’s trade show presence through their extensive graphic design services for banners, booths, table covers and displays that turn trade show attendees into active participants.
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