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Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing uses the
Internet, the major search engines—like
Yahoo, Google and MSN—and a
company's optimized website to market
that company, its products and its
services to potential customers who have
been qualified and targeted. At Dynamic
Digital Advertising, we have combined
our expertise in marketing, custom
website design and development as well
as website management to offer premier
Search Engine Marketing services.

It is estimated that more than 90% of consumers
use the Internet to get information when making a buying decision, and 85% of all visits to websites originate through search engines. That means about eight out of ten people are being guided to buy based on a search engine's results list. If you're a company that supplies what the searching buyer needs, but your name does not appear on the results list, you have a serious marketing problem.

As a leader in digital advertising in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware area since 1994, we excel at website marketing. We understand how the search engines work and we know how to make them work for your company.

Dynamic Digital Advertising starts our Search Engine Marketing processes with extensive Keyword Research. We identify and analyze a list of words and phrases to determine which ones are most valuable to your company in terms of search engine visibility and viability.

Next, we provide Content Management and Content Development Services. Our content specialists can develop keyword-rich copy for your website, so it's attractive, informative and receives higher search engine rankings.

Finally, we offer a proprietary 18-step Organic Search Engine Optimization program called SureThing™. The SureThing™ strategizes and implements improvements to aspect your corporate website so it gets higher rankings that drive more visitors which results in more business for your company.

At Dynamic Digital Advertising, we know how a custom designed and professionally search engine marketed website can impact every aspect of your company's marketing including strategic planning, corporate identity, lead generation, sales promotion, communications, and advertising.

Call Dynamic Digital Advertising today and let us give your website the attention it deserves.



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Dynamic Digital Advertising has pioneered a revolutionary professional custom website design and website development process. This proprietary fourteen-step process focuses on search engine marketing, keyword research, and advanced organic optimization methodologies to ensure that your website earns high rankings from major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN as well as high volumes of targeted traffic. The result of DDA’s custom website design and development is the construction of a website that attracts the right kind of website visitors and ultimately converts them into your customers.
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A premier graphic design firm, Dynamic Digital Advertising also offers the most complete range of marketing and promotional services in the country. From enhancing a corporate identity through graphic design for logos or branding to providing high-end trade show graphics, DDA’s graphic design department provides every possible service. Clients can choose to improve their corporate presentation through the design of interactive CD-ROMs or DVDs which utilize DDA’s full range of graphic design tools for packaging or rendering 3D animations. DDA also provides trade show graphic design services for trade show displays, booths, banners, videos, and more. These materials are excellent tools for promoting your company and your products or services at trade shows.
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