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Call Dynamic Digital Advertising
for an ethical search engine
optimization program that can dramatically improve your rankings.

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Get your website working for you. Call Dynamic Digital Advertising, a custom website design company, for ethical search engine optimization that increases
your ability to market online. Many firms in our industry make promises of high rankings, but DDA delivers more:

Proven Technique – The SureThing™ will work for your company, as it has for the many who have come before, because it is a comprehensive process that uses a thorough understanding of search engine algorithms and keyword research to continually improve the way a website is ranked by search engines as well as searchers.

Actual Results – With the power of Dynamic Digital Advertising behind your custom website, you’ll begin to see improved rankings and more traffic. Additionally, a larger portion of this traffic will convert into actual business by taking a call-to-action.

Ongoing Optimization – DDA’s SureThing™ is a continual process. High search engine rankings and conversion rates don’t happen overnight; Dynamic Digital Advertising builds and refines website optimization over a period of twelve months (or more, if requested) for the purpose of making companies better able to market themselves on the Internet long-term.

What is DDA’s Search Engine Optimization Process?
Dynamic Digital Advertising’s SureThing™ begins with the skills of search engine optimization (SEO) specialists. First they outline the eight basic things search engines look for when crawling a website to make sure you understand the process. DDA’s SEO specialists then determine the competition for multiple keyword phrases, correct major deficiencies, and resubmit the website to the search engines. DDA then follows a monthly schedule for adding search engine-friendly tags, alt text, coding, and links. The search engines become aware of these many website improvements. As the SureThing™ process continues, DDA supplies a monthly traffic report, a quarterly ranking report, and additional metrics to provide you with quantified, verifiable data that measures the progress of DDA’s optimization efforts.

Why do I need Search Engine Optimization?
85 percent of all Internet traffic reaches a website through a search engine. Search engine optimization, therefore, is critical to building a website that can succeed in the online marketplace. The SureThing™ search engine optimization program is proven by the successes of many other DDA clients whose online businesses are currently benefiting. With client websites averaging 87 first-place spots on Google, Dynamic Digital Advertising proves that it has the tools necessary to drive targeted traffic to your website. DDA is also a leading website design company based in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area of Pennsylvania. Call today for a website that earns the highest possible search engine rankings.


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Dynamic Digital Advertising is one of the top custom website design companies in the United States because DDA offers clients a unique website development process that builds a professional website. Even in the initial goal setting and keyword research, Dynamic Digital Advertising begins targeting the custom website design to the needs of your specific target markets. The result is a website that earns higher rankings on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN and that provides the exact information visitors are looking for. Professional website design at Dynamic Digital Advertising results in a website that brings in more customers for your online business, whether in your local or in new markets around the world.
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Dynamic Digital Advertising is a top graphic design company located in Philadelphia’s metropolitan area. DDA houses an extended line of graphic design services, one of the largest in the entire United States. These services are constituted of graphic design for brochures and other print media, aesthetic web graphic design, graphic design for trade show displays, large format graphic design, and many more. Dynamic Digital Advertising boasts a department of degreed graphic designers who have worked with many businesses from varying industry segments and who make the effective corporate imagery you need to introduce a successful marketing campaign.
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