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Let DDA Cover Up the Tables in Your Religious Organization Today!

Table Covers

So your religious organization is having a function coming up and you're in charge of decorating. First thing you need to worry about is what kind of table covers you would like to have at the event. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), a pioneer in custom website design and advertising, offers three categories of table covers for you to choose from.

Decorate Your Tables With Table Skirts at Your Synagogue's Next Hanukkah Dinner
Your synagogue is hosting Hanukkah dinner in three weeks and needs a fast and easy way to decorate those folding tables. Why not try our table skirts as a creative yet elegant way to add character to the dull wooden tables? Choose from a selection of seven different colors and a selection of two different styles. You may prefer the shirred look over the box pleated look. It's all a matter of preference. After that, select your size and your means of attaching the skirts to the tables. Would you prefer to use a stapling gun or Velcro clips? Each of our table skirts comes equipped with a Velcro lining at the top. Simply attach a Velcro clip to that lining and then hook that clip to the table. It's as easy as 1-2-3. Please check out our table skirts page for more information.

Prepare Your Tables with Table Throws at Your Church's Upcoming Charity Drive
Is your religious organization hosting a bake sale to raise money for victims of a recent natural disaster or epidemic? Let DDA help you prepare for the charitable event with our 100% PolySatin table throws. We offer reliable delivery and the highest quality of table covers at the Internet's guaranteed lowest prices. See our table throws page for more details.

Add Fitted Table Covers as a Final Touch for a Wedding
A nice Saturday afternoon wedding is planned for next month. There will be flowers all over the pews and on tables in front of the church. For elegance and purity, DDA suggests ordering pure white fitted table covers to cover up those dull folding tables. There will be plenty of other decorations to worry about. Don't let table covers be on your organization's to-do list. In fact, you'll be pleased to know that no assembly is required since each fitted table cover comes equipped with a sewn shirred skirt. So leave those staples and clips at home and load some more bouquets into your van. Be sure to read more about our fitted table covers here.

Our Selection of the Highest Quality of Table Covers is Ideal For Every Synagogue's, Church's, Mosque's, and Temple's:
. holiday dinners
. services
. charity drives
. weddings/funerals

Call 215-355-6442 for large format graphic design services

Let DDA scratch some items off of your to-do list. Inquire about our table cover services today!