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Pay Per Click Alternative

Growth of Search Engine Marketing

Vertical Search, The New Wave of Search Engine

Vertical search is a specialized search engine that gathers data for one very specific niche of the market. Vertical search targets a more focused audience interested in a very specific area and therefore increases the efficiency of online advertising. It does not, however, generate the maximum amount of traffic to your site that an organic search engine listing could when developed by a professional custom website design company like Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA). These types of engines contain information in their indexes about a specific topic, are aimed only at people interested in those topics and are frequently business to business. Companies that advertise here are delivered an audience more focused on their product.

Who's Who in Vertical Search?
The "four horsemen of vertical search" include retail, financial services, travel and media and entertainment. These four vertical searches account for 79% of the money spent on paid search.1 Other engines include law (Thomas Findlaw), industrial manufacturing (ThomasNet) and business to business (B-to-B) products ( is an engine aiming to make sense of the job search data sources all over the internet. Google has even implemented a "one box" display that places 10 top vertical results before the organic search results if a search can be identified as vertical.

Benefits of Vertical Search
Search engine users can narrow their searches down for maximum efficiency. By visiting a vertical engine, like or, as opposed to an ordinary search engine, like Google a Yahoo, your search engine results come back more focused. Vertical search is not faced with the problems of Pay Per Click search engine marketing like click fraud or inefficiency. These types of engines can also target ads more effectively to their visitors.

Would Vertical Search Work for You?
Vertical search doesn't work for everyone because of its high specifications. It will not generate nearly as much traffic as an organic search engine listing designed by a professional website design company like Dynamic Digital Advertising. Advertisers should evaluate if advertising in this area can generate the right customer leads for their company. They should also evaluate the quality of the engines targeting their company by inquiring about their index size and determining how useful they are to users. 

1Vertical Search: Early Marketers Will Reap Rewards of Low Pricing”


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Dynamic Digital Advertising has led the field of professional custom website design and development since its inception in 1994. Based in Philadelphia, DDA has developed company’s websites across the country generating more traffic by making the website appear in the first page of search engine listing results. Through their own 14 step process including extensive keyword research, organic search engine optimization and search engine marketing, DDA optimizes a site for maximum relevancy and attractiveness so that visitors make the switch from viewers to consumers.
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Dynamic Digital Advertising can help you enhance your corporate identity and impress your investors, clients and colleagues with its superior graphic design services. DDA offers the most complete list of digital marketing and promotional services in the country. Clients enjoy the benefits of working with experienced graphic designers who specialize in services like 2D and 3D animation, CGI, interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs, website design and print media. Companies can also improve their presence at trade shows with graphic designs for banners, booths, table covers and trade show displays.
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