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Trade Show Events in the Virtual World

The trade show experience brings thousands of visitors interested in a specific industry - from automotive to video games - together to showcase a variety of products from hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers. But what about the thousands of visitors who were unable to attend the event in person? Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) introduces a one-of-a-kind online virtual trade show hosted on the web, in an on-demand format, to allow those who missed the show to visit it and also allow those who attended to recap the products and services you offer.


In this unique, user-friendly virtual tradeshow, users can intuitively navigate through the virtual booth with simple mouse movements and button clicks. Users can engage with the booth just like the real trade show experience - except in the virtual world they can easily gain access to additional information about specific products or services including video, audio, PowerPoint presentations, product data sheets, and much more. The possibilities are almost endless with web-based virtual trade shows.

Administrative Support and Tracking for your Virtual Tradeshow
Behind the on-line virtual trade show, DDA can implement full administrative access with tracking and reporting mechanisms. Your web tradeshow can be easily updated through a content management editor as your products or services change or update, or even if you simply want to update the images featured in the virtual tradeshow. Additionally, every booth or panel users click-through can be tracked and reported to measure the success of each category or specific product. If you find a certain panel lacking in traffic, you can use the administrative tool to revise it and try to attract more attention, or remove it completely to make room for an entirely new product. There is not a single trade show event out there that will give you this level of detail or report true traffic success for each panel - you will only find it with DDA's virtual trade show.

Cost Efficient Virtual Trade Shows
From printing large graphics to the price of booths and sending employees out with overnight stay, the costs of tradeshows can easily break any company's budget. Not to mention your reliance on potential new customers spending money to attend the event. With the virtual tradeshow environment from DDA, these high costs are eliminated. We can create one on-line tradeshow event for users to access any time of day, 24/7, by just logging onto the Internet. And with our administrative access, you can update the tradeshow monthly, annually, or any time you want at no additional cost to you.

DDA's web-based trade show experience is unlike anything you've ever seen before. With the power of the Internet, your virtual tradeshow is ready to be viewed by millions of Internet users, potential clients, and enthusiasts all over the world. Contact us today to learn more about the virtual tradeshow experience.




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Trade show booths represent only a small part of what Dynamic Digital Advertising can do just as they represent only small part of your company’s marketing campaign. Did you know that DDA, a custom website design company, can construct and promote a powerful website that dramatically increases your company’s ability to reach members of your target market? DDA custom designs and develops websites for the purpose of ranking in the highly-visible top spots of major search engines’ front pages and impressing every visitor who clicks-through to your website.
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Dynamic Digital Advertising does more than conceptualize, plan, and produce high-end trade show booths. As a leading graphic design firm who houses one of the most extensive and diverse graphic design service lines in the United States, DDA is able to meet virtually any marketing and advertising need. Beyond trade show graphic design, Dynamic Digital Advertising also creates the custom promotional materials you need for product branding, from original brand logos and unique sell sheets to full-scale billboards and virtual worlds.
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