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Security-Based Applications for Customer Relationship Management Systems by DDA

Customer data is one of the most valuable commodities for a business. This data is so valuable that competitors are sometimes willing to hack into unprotected computer networks, glean information from ex-employees or even current employees, and dig through corporate garbage bins. Companies that have Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology organizing their customer data need to take the steps that protect their system from spies and other intruders.

Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) programs secure CRM solutions with security based applications. According to the needs of your company DDA offers several levels of security, whether you want to limit your Customer Relationship Management system to computers located in your facilities or give employees the power to work while on the road. Choose a custom CRM security application to protect this important corporate information. Call Dynamic Digital Advertising to learn about our custom CRM solutions.

Benefits of CRM Security-Based Applications:

Corporate Protection for Customer Relationship
Management Systems

Safeguard customer data from the corporate intelligence-gathering efforts of competitors. Dynamic Digital Advertising uses security-based applications that ensure only people in your company or who have been pre-approved by an administrator can access your CRM system. DDA offers two levels of security, the first of which limits non-entitled visitors from seeing data in the system. The second level of system security allows people to view a CRM only if they are trying to enter from a specific computer workstation.

CRM Security for Individual Employee Accounts
Many companies employ sales representatives that are working in segregated teams or as individuals. This sales method allows businesses to establish stable, one-on-one relationships with clients throughout the world, and fosters a sense of healthy competition which can enhance morale, drive sales, and increase the quality of customer service. Dynamic Digital Advertising programs Customer Relationship Management software that gives each employee an individual account. Some functions allow employees to gather, process, and utilize data within a file that cannot be seen by their coworkers, while other functions, such as requests, take place in a public forum viewable by the members of their team or all company employees.

Total CRM Database Access for Administrators
While employees are for the most part limited to their own accounts, administrators receive special logins. Some administrative accounts allow for the viewing of information within each sales representative’s personal custom system. Other accounts allow a manager to alter or update data as well as view macro sales management information in a variety of report forums including a dashboard style overview system. An additional benefit for administrators is the ability to remove users if they leave the company. Ex-employees can be locked out and their data can instantly sorted and transferred to another employee’s account. The result is a seamless transition that prevents customers from suffering discontinuity in the event of turnover.

Call Dynamic Digital Advertising today to determine what level of security will work best for your company’s custom CRM software. DDA offers custom programming services for CRM that help establish better relationships with your customers.


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