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As a leading custom website design and development company, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) understands that websites can be visited by prospects, customers, competitors, employees, and in some instances, media and investors. Different people have diverse needs. To accommodate every visitor, DDA works with clients early in the website design and development process to establish all of the needs and possibilities for a long-term implementation strategy.

Call DDA now for more information on our custom website design and development process and experience online success today, tomorrow, and into the future.

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On the Internet you will find an endless variety of corporate websites, ranging from basic customer information type-sites to complex e-commerce sites, which require database programming for online credit card purchasing, transaction recording, and more. The first step is to decide what type of site you want to create and a basic concept. This is where DDA comes into play. Our experience allows us to conceptualize websites for companies in all industry segments. But how do you get from the basic concept to a professionally designed site? The following information may prove beneficial.

DDA Helps You Answer Questions to Meet Objectives:

•  What information is most important?
•  What is the best way to convey that information?
•  What communication tools should be built into the site?
•  Is employee communication important?
•  Should the company’s core competencies come through?
•  Should there be a specific conversion mechanism or goal page?
•  How can we get visitors to stay at the site longer?
•  Should there be project management capabilities to facilitate current customer interaction?
•  Should there be tools to streamline customer service or internal procedures?
•  Should there be management tools to inform customers and staff about procedures and policies?

Listed above are just a few examples of questions we ask our clients in the functional planning stage of custom website design and development. Based on the responses to these questions DDA proposes a range of possibilities for your Internet solution. We offer administrative management portals, webcasts, security enhancements, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, database-driven information systems, shopping carts, and more. Since, not every tool is right for every website, Dynamic Digital Advertising assists clients in choosing which ones to implement.

Generally, when it comes to a corporate website, the more targeted people you can get to visit the better the chances for making a sale. How do you get the right people to visit your website? Be highly visible on top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. This is accomplished through careful meta tag and keyword placement. Once DDA gets people to visit your site via optimization methodologies, we keep them there with user-friendly website architecture and navigation as well as interesting, up-to-date content and images. Let DDA help you create the right website. For more information or a quote for services, call us at (215)355-6442 or email us at




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Make it easy for patients who are looking for your particular skills and attributes to find you by investing in the medical marketing and advertising ideas, strategies, and services of DDA Medical, a full-service digital medical marketing and advertising agency. Specializing in physician advertising, as well as general medical healthcare marketing, DDA Medical implements strategies for advertising for medical services to help a start-up medical practice or a well-established medical office thrive in a competitive environment. Whether you want a medical video to advertise in your waiting room or a medical website design to reach regional, national, and global patients, DDA Medical can help you market effectively through direct-to-consumer and business-to-business medical advertising. DDA Medical’s additional medical advertising services include patient information and referral services, CME website design and development, medical webcasts, medial print design, and more!
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Looking to create engaging Corporate Videos, Medical Videos, Training Videos, and more? Then turn to Dynamic Digital Advertising’s (DDA) full-service video production company and advertising agency. Offering a complete list of video production services, DDA is your one-stop-shop for professional preproduction, production, and post production video services. Clients of DDA have access to high-quality scriptwriting, storyboarding, video editing, special visual and sound effects (FX), 2D and 3D animation, and so much more.  Plus, only at DDA do you have access to exclusive technologies like Interactive Integration™ and Onlivemation™. High-quality Corporate Capabilities Videos, Sales Videos, Educational Videos, and Product Launch Videos. Contact DDA today.
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Market your products or services effectively with large format billboard advertising from Dynamic Digital Advertising. With only seconds to grab the attention of passersby, it is critical that your billboard be easy to read and appealing to view. As a solution, DDA creates large format graphic designs that feature eye-catching images, thought-provoking messages, and straightforward contact information. We create the designs and help you choose the best location so that your billboard doesn’t just get people’s attention, but encourages them to contact you for their business.
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