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Who's Who in Search Engine Marketing

Yahoo! Overture

Overture Products, which was acquired by Yahoo! in 2003 for $1.8 billion, is now Yahoo! Search Marketing Products, Yahoo!'s pay per click online advertising option. Advertisers who utilize this PPC program may benefit from listings in the second largest search engine if they are able to afford this service. They will not, however, generate the traffic of a top organic listing through organic search engine optimization by a professional custom website design company like Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA).

Products and Services
Yahoo! Search Marketing Products include a variety of PPC advertising services. Sponsored Search Products are listings under the sponsored sites section on the results page. Local Advertising can help local business target consumers in their neighborhood. Search Submit allows an advertiser's site to appear in algorithmic listings instead of the sponsored listings. Product Submit allows an advertiser's to submit their product into Yahoo! Shopping's index. With Travel Submit, advertisers can offer deals and promotions through vertical search engine Yahoo! Travel. Lastly, with Directory Submit an advertiser can include their business in the Yahoo! Directory.

Problems with Overture
Research shows 62% of search engine users click on results on the first page and 36% believe that the results listed at the top are the best site for the keyword they've been searching1. Knowing the search patterns of search engine users makes competition for Sponsored Search sites on Yahoo! very expensive, with monthly budgets exceeding $10,0002. Another study also shows that search engine users are four times more likely to click on organic listings than sponsored listings3, so you could pay a large amount in acquisition fees but never really profit from it. The system is not infallible either. In June 2006, three separate Yahoo Search Marketing bots, responsible for visiting publisher pages to provide targeted ads, went haywire and visited a single blog site 83,000 times in one day4.  

1 The iProspect Search Engine User Behavior Study
2 Yahoo! Search Products
3 Oneupweb Study
4 Jensense June 24, 2006


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Since 1994, Dynamic Digital Advertising has been a leader in custom website design and development companies. Through a 14 step process, DDA can make a website more powerful and place it in the first page ranking results in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. With services like content development, keyword research, search engine marketing and organic search engine optimization DDA can boost a website’s online presence through both enhanced visual and informational quality. Website visitors are so pleased with their user experience that they convert to customers.
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Dynamic Digital Advertising is home to the largest catalog of digital marketing and promotional services in the country. Located in Philadelphia and serving across the US, DDA offers services such as website design, video production, print media, trade show services, interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs and print media. DDA’s professional graphic designers utilize these services to produce branding and logo design that enhance a corporate identity and impress clients, business partners and investors. Click here for a list of complete services.
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