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Who's Who in Search Engine Marketing

Yahoo, The Number Two Search Engine

Yahoo! is the second largest search engine with 23% of search engine users reporting that they use it as their primary search engine. A study in October 2005 reported that 3.4 billion page views a day are conducted throughout Yahoo!'s global network and that 411 million unique viewers visit Yahoo! each month. With a website designed by a professional website marketing and custom website development company, like Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), an advertisers website can achieve a higher ranking position within Yahoo!'s index. Yahoo! also has pay per click programs, contextual advertising programs and affililate online advertising programs.

Yahoo! Features
Yahoo! Search enables search engine users to find any information they need through Yahoo! WebSearch or one of the many Vertical Directories it offers. Yahoo!'s Pay Per Click search engine internet marketing program, Overture, offers products such as sponsored search, local advertising, search submit, product submit, travel submit and directory submit. Yahoo! Mail is free with 1GB of memory and can be used with your mobile phone or Yahoo! messenger.

Quality Guidelines
Yahoo! is the number one content destination site and is very dedicated to keeping the user experience in mind. An advertiser can really benefit from search engine optimization designed by a professional custom website development company like DDA. However, Yahoo! offers paid inclusion so they can increase their revenue by charging merchants to index some of their contents.

Net Income and Growth
Even though Yahoo!'s search market share is losing ground to Google, its search growth continues to climb. Yahoo! ended 2005 with 365 million users, a 21% increase from 20041. Yahoo! has also partnered with eBay, designed to benefit both companies in user, merchant and advertising relations through the areas of search and graphical advertising, online payments, a co-branded toolbar and the possibility of "click to call."  

1 Yahoo Annual Report 2005


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Dynamic Digital Advertising has served as a leader in custom website design and development since 1994. DDA’s website design team creates a site that matches major search engines requirements to be listed in the top search results through a 14 step process that includes keyword research, content development, search engine marketing and organic search engine optimization. The end result is a website that is both mentally and visually stimulating that hooks a website viewer and converts them into a consumer.
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At Dynamic Digital Advertising, we know how to give a company the edge it needs to beat out the competition. Located in Philadelphia, we currently offer the greatest list of digital marketing and promotional services in the country. Our skilled graphic designers enhance corporate identity through branding and logo design. They utilize skills in such advanced fields as digital video production complete with 2D and 3D animation, and virtual reality capabilities. DDA also offers multimedia services like interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs.
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