Adapt to the New Standard with iPad® and iPhone® Compatible Sites from AppleSavvy™

With the launch of the Apple® iPad®, the Internet is changing, which means if you want to hold on to a chunk of your audience, your website needs to change too. Flash dominates the web; it’s used for videos, animations, banners, interactive games, applications, and more. However, Adobe Flash is not viewable on the iPad® or iPhone® in any form. If your website is one of the many that incorporates Flash, visitors using an iPad® and iPhone® will see empty holes where an attractive, attention-grabbing presentation may have existed.

At AppleSavvy™, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, our focus is on converting and developing websites so they’re iPad® and iPhone® compatible. This includes Flash development of all kinds, including Flash animations integrated into your header, embedded video, complex eLearning tools and Flash presentations of all sorts. AppleSavvy™ fixes other non- iPad®-and-iPhone® compatible issues as well, like audio run through Flash and CSS headers.

AppleSavvy™ also offers custom, from-scratch development services, building impressive and impactful web experiences that are compatible across all technologies and platforms, including the iPhone®, iPad®, and most Smartphones. Always advancing and evolving our capabilities to meet all needs, the experienced web designers and developers, IT technicians, and programmers of AppleSavvy™ use the latest in technology to create incredible web experiences.

With our custom application development services for iPad® and iPhone®, AppleSavvy™ takes it even further, by creating comprehensive and complex educational and training tools that are compatible with all browsing devices and software applications.

Get iPhone® and iPad® Ready in a flash with AppleSavvy™

If you’re not iPad® and iPhone® ready, you risk losing out on a sizable percentage of your core audience. Imagine the impact if 10% of your key demographic viewed your site and was unable to see it in its entirety or the way it was meant to be presented. If those pieces include information, images, and possibly video essential to selling/explaining your products and services, what are visitors missing? What then are those viewing your site from an iPad® or iPhone® actually learning about your company?

AppleSavvy™ goes beyond just making the site functional and viewable; our goal is to retain and/or improve the user experience and make the site more engaging and appealing to your target audience. With iPad®- and iPhone®-friendly services from AppleSavvy™, your website is more effective and impactful.

Technology, once again, is changing. Lead the way and ensure your website is iPad® and iPhone® ready with conversion and development services from AppleSavvy™. Contact AppleSavvy™ today to find out more.