iPhone® Apps for Corporate and Medical Training

The availability, affordability, and ease of use of smartphones like the iPhone® and mobile devices like the iPad® have created new opportunities for corporate and medical professionals so that they are no longer tied to brick-and-mortar offices or hospitals. AppleSavvy™ is a mobile application company that specializes in designing, developing, and programming applications (dubbed “apps”) that are more than a means of connection, they are true mobile learning solutions. From mobile medical education apps that support important clinical decisions to sales or product training apps that improve workflow, the developers at AppleSavvy™ work with you to conceptualize and implement the applications that effectively inform, educate, and instruct users at all levels.

Designing Mobile Apps for…

  • Improved Patient Care: Help physicians stay up to date on clinical studies, new developments in disease management, diagnostic advances, and pharmacological treatments by converting traditional Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs into mobile applications. Mobile technology allows you to deliver these CMEs to physicians at the point of care, the place where education has its greatest impact. Unlike other mobile application companies, AppleSavvy™ is a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising and, as such, has the extreme capability to create passive and active virtual 3D medical simulations that can simulate everything from known error-producing scenarios that improve response time to advanced procedure demonstrations that improve skill sets. We can transform these sophisticated web-based training tools into mobile medical applications different from anything you’ve ever seen before.
  • Increased Productivity: Train busy, always on-the-move sales teams anywhere and at any time with a custom developed mobile application from ApplySavvy™. Our mobile application developers can design an iPhone® app that includes a series of corporate exams with questions and answers applicable to your organization and employees. Additionally, we can convert corporate PowerPoint presentations, training videos, and seminar recordings into mobile iPad® applications that employees can access in the office, on the road, or at home. Mobile application design and development at ApplySavvy™ caters to the learning and product-service training needs of any work force in any organization.

Testing Mobile App Users for Proficiency

How do you know if your mobile apps training program was successful? How do users gauge their results against their peers? AppleSavvy™ can develop mobile applications that include a series of exams or testing modules, sending user scores to server back-end database systems to track and validate CME accreditation and employee compliance. Taking into consideration the touch screen on many smartphones, AppleSavvy™ is able to design uniquely interactive testing tools that make learning as close to hands-on as possible. We can also go as far as designing analysis tools that help users review their performance and compare their scores with others who have also completed the same training program. Mobile corporate and medical training apps are the mobile learning solutions you have been looking for.

AppleSavvy™ mobile apps development: delivering corporate training on-the-go and CME programs at point of care!


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