Mobile Apps for Product-Service Promotion

The mobile/wireless industry is going through an intensive progressive phase, opening doors for businesses to market products and services to customers on the go in a way you never thought of before. Such customers are sophisticated mobile device users that demand mobile applications (dubbed “apps”) with more processing power, flexibility, reliability, security, and integration with other applications. The mobile app developers at AppleSavvy™, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, can design, develop, and advertise promotional applications for today’s hottest smartphones like the iPhone® and mobile devices like the iPad®.

Think your customers aren’t technologically savvy? Think again. As reported on by Business Week’s Peter Burrows, today, there are 85 million iPhones® and iPod Touches® in use. iPhone® users have downloaded 4 billion apps to date and the iPad® has sales exceeding expectations. Regardless of your target audience, this is simply not a market you can afford to miss.

Designing Mobile Apps for Improved Consumer Communication

Before coding and programming, AppleSavvy™ works with you to design a mobile app that will effectively hook your customer upon first use and then we build in long-term plans to keep your application’s user base growing. We can design applications that allow you to share product pictures, 360˚ rotational spins, and product demonstration videos with your mobile customers. AppleSavvy™ developers can design an application that allows users to instant message customer service representatives for immediate answers to questions that could impact critical buying decisions. AppleSavvy™ can design an application that provides a news service to mobile users, keeping them updated on latest product launches, new additions to product or service lines, sales, and more. We can even design and build an interactive game that makes learning about your products and services fun and exciting. With mobile app design and development from AppleSavvy™, the possibilities are virtually endless!

Changing the Dynamics of your Worldwide Product-Service Distribution with Mobile Commerce Apps

As smartphones like the iPhone® become ubiquitous, it is expected that we will progressively make the shift from e-commerce platforms to applications and systems that will readily integrate a mobile interface within the existing e-commerce backend. What does this mean for businesses like yours? Simply put, it’s no longer enough to take your business beyond brick-and-mortar; it must go beyond the desktop and be Apple® ready. AppleSavvy™ developers can design a mobile application that sends a virtual token (voucher or coupon) to a mobile phone that can be shown at the point of sale and allow mobile customers to receive the same benefits as another customer who may have received the voucher/coupon by email or snail mail. Through mobile application programming, we can create an app that sends your customers a list of products they would be interested in, or we can develop a mobile version of your retail e-commerce site that enables your customers to shop as if they were in your store or using their desktop or laptop computer.

AppleSavvy™ mobile phone applications development: helping you promote your products and services to customers on the go.


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