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iPhone® Apps for your Business

iPhone® enterprise applications (dubbed “apps”) created by AppleSavvy™, the mobile applications developer, makes life more convenient and business more efficient. There is growing popularity of the iPhone® within corporations and it’s important that business owners like you capture those users. Imagine an app that allows your employees to process credit-card orders and check on deliveries. How about an app that enables managers in your company to make sales forecasts and better organize company data? There’s AppleSavvy for That!™

Designing Mobile Business Apps for Better Organization, Collaboration, and Production

ApplySavvy™, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, designs business applications around your needs – whether they are for better organization, improved collaboration, or enhanced productivity. If you have an idea for a mobile application, our programming team will make it a reality. Or if you come to us with a need, we’ll help you conceptualize, design, and implement an app that works for your entire organization or individual departments. We can design an app for marketing that allows users to check website traffic, monitor bandwidth, and get real-time reports. Our developers can design an app that enables your new business development and project management teams to attend online meetings, anywhere and at any time. We can design an app that helps regional sales reps travel lighter and work smarter by putting promotional materials at their fingertips, in one place.

Keeping Sensitive Data Secure on Mobile Business Applications

A fear shared by many business owners is that by developing an application for mobile devices like the iPhone® and iPad poses security risks to sensitive customer information, sales figures, profit and loss statements and other vital business data. During the build process, our developers who specialize in mobile application programming can encrypt information in transmission and create strong passcodes for a highly secure configuration. Another fear is that all employees will have access to all kinds of data. Our mobile apps developers can establish configuration profiles to restrict unauthorized users and to assign a set of permissions that are relevant to performing the tasks defined for that role. AppleSavvy™ will work with you to design a security plan that protects data integrity and privacy, as well as one that regulates access to information. Secure access to corporate networks will give you the peace of mind needed to deploy iPhone® and/or iPad applications for your business.

AppleSavvy™ mobile phone applications development: empowering employees and changing the way companies work!

PowerPoint presentations remain one of the principle communication aides in spoken presentations, commonly used in the office, in educational settings, and at conferences. A custom PowerPoint design can help establish a strong organizational identity and grant a sense of sophistication to the presentation that can help keep audiences engaged and help them remember the unique perspective you have to offer. DDA’s professional graphic designers have worked to establish corporate and medical organizational brand identities across a wide variety of media since its inception in 1994. These core principles are applied to its custom PowerPoint presentation design to help enhance any speaking engagement. DDA can also produce and integrate video into PowerPoint presentations to give a richer multimedia impact. Contact DDA today to find out how to increase the impact of your next speaking engagement with custom PowerPoint design and video production.

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