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Adapt to the New Standard with iPad® and iPhone® Compatible Sites from AppleSavvy™

With the launch of the Apple® iPad®, the Internet is changing, which means if you want to hold on to a chunk of your audience, your website needs to change too. Flash dominates the web; it’s used for videos, animations, banners, interactive games, applications, and more. However, Adobe Flash is not viewable on the iPad® or iPhone® in any form. If your website is one of the many that incorporates Flash, visitors using an iPad® and iPhone® will see empty holes where an attractive, attention-grabbing presentation may have existed.

When you contact AppleSavvy™, the process starts by meeting with our mobile application developers who will design a hook for your app – whether it is something that will make you users’ lives more comfortable or something that’s so addictive, they can’t live without. Then comes development, including database work, server code, spatial implementation, and of course, the application itself. Additionally, we can assist in the promotion of your mobile applications so they become social media celebrities in their own right.

Choose from the following mobile application development options:

Today’s successful businesses are moving beyond brick-and-mortar, beyond the desktop, and going mobile. They are employing the mobile apps development services of AppleSavvy™ for a variety of reasons, demanding rich-content apps for the most popular mobile platforms, including but not limited to the iPhone® and iPad®. As a result, AppleSavvy™ is producing everything from product demonstration apps that train sales representatives on the road, to continuing medical education (CME) apps that deliver clinical information to physicians at the point of care, to apps that enable managers to make sales forecasts from seminars around the world, to promotional apps that give customers discounts at the point of sale. Come to us with a need or idea and our mobile apps developers will turn it into reality, helping you work more efficiently, communicate more seamlessly, and sell more effectively. Go mobile with AppleSavvy™ and discover new ways to transform and grow your business.

Healthcare professionals need to keep their skills up to date by hitting a required number of CME credits on a regular basis. CME websites by DDA are the perfect way to meet their needs. DDA designs and programs custom CME websites that allow for continual additions of new medical eLearning course content comprised of text, images, and supplementary documents, along with certification testing to ensure that users demonstrate proficiency in the materials to qualify for CME certification. DDA builds personalized certificate of completion generators and integrates automated CME accreditation. DDA also develops custom e-Commerce platforms to allow website visitors to purchase access to new courses, with automated email reminders that help keep customers returning to renew their needed CME credits. The options for custom CME website design and development are nearly endless. Contact DDA today to learn how DDA can make your CME website offer real value that delivers bottom line results for your organization.

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