2D/3D Animations for Mobile Devices

t’s hard to believe that the best 2D and 3D Flash® animations will not display on Apple®’s latest mobile devices, the iPhone® and iPad®, but it is true. Apple® stated that it will not support Adobe® Flash®, a software staple in animation development, on its mobile devices, forcing website developers to use other technology, such as HTML5 and JavaScript. So, what does the Apple® versus Adobe® battle mean to you? Well, instead of engaging in interactive presentations or watching smooth transition effects, your mobile users will be left with a big empty space, indicating a problem with your website and hindering your credibility.

iPhone- and iPad-compatible Animated Websites

At AppleSavvy™, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, we know that providing a good experience across media platforms is critical to maintaining loyal customers and acquiring new leads. For this reason, we specialize in building iPhone®/iPad®-compatible websites with sophisticated 2D and 3D animations that engage desktop and mobile users alike. Animation can take many forms, from a website introduction to a 360˚ product rotation. The key to animation is motion, or turning a series of static graphics into a dynamic experience. The developers at AppleSavvy™ can design cutting edge iPhone- and iPad-ready multimedia websites that feature creative 2D and 3D animations, specifically for mobile devices. Or for companies that want one animated website accessible on all platforms, we can program the site to include device detection, which will automatically detect a non-Flash device like the iPad® and switch from Flash® to an HTML5 equivalent.

Interactive Mobile Animations

The majority of today’s hottest animated interactive website tools were developed in Flash® and will simply not display or function on Apple®’s iPhone® or iPad®. For 3D animation companies like AppleSavvy™, we know how successful animated website tools can be whether they are used to demonstrate complex procedures not visible with the human eye or to be so entertaining that users cannot look away. AppleSavvy™ developers can illustrate 2D images and/or render 3D models, and design creative mobile phone and device animations to your specifications. For example, we can turn your brochure into an electronic flipbook loaded with animated pages and features including high-definition images, audio and sound effects. Or we can design 3D mobile medical animations that are perfect for educating patients in treatment rooms that don’t have computers or for training physicians in operatories that don’t have monitors.

At AppleSavvy™, we’re determined to not lose innovative animations to the Apple® Adobe® feud. We’ve adjusted our way of thinking when creating animation transitions for mobile devices and strive to develop impressive mobile content that makes the most high-tech device look even cooler. Contact AppleSavvy™ at 215-355-6442 to find out how we create animated experiences for the small screen.