Developing New iPad®- and iPhone®-compatible Websites

Apple®’s refusal to run Adobe® Flash® on the iPad® and iPhone® may have changed the way developers like AppleSavvy™ create animated graphics and websites, but it has not diminished our creativity. In fact, this decision poses a new and exciting challenge – converting Flash code into iPhone®/iPad®-friendly content. Whereas Abode® Flash® was once the industry standard for interactive authoring and delivery of immersive virtual experiences, today products like the iPad® support new standards such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. AppleSavvy™, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, is experienced in working with a variety of technologies and programs to develop iPhone®- and iPad®-compatible websites and create animated experiences for the small screen.

AppleSavvy™’s Mobile-ready Development Services Include:

  • iPhone®- and IPad®-ready Interactive Websites/Web-based Tools – When building sites or web-based tools for mobile devices, there are many factors to consider, including screen resolution and touch-enabled operation. ApplySavvy™ mobile website designs are not only compatible with device specifications, but they take advantage of unique features to optimize viewing and browsing.
  • Mobile Video – The growth of mobile phone use almost parallels the growth of video on the Internet. AppleSavvy™ merges the two through a comprehensive suite of custom mobile video services, including but not limited to production, editing, and live streaming.
  • Mobile Animations – Whether the objective is to design a 2D animated website or to create a 3D mobile animation application, AppleSavvy™ successfully turns static graphics into a dynamic experience complete with audio and sound effects, smooth transitions, and high-definition imagery.

As reported by Jenna Wortham of The New York Times, cellphones are now used more for data than for calls. Instead of limiting mobile phone use to talking, people are browsing the Web, listening to music, watching videos, playing games, and sending email and text messages. Essentially, people are using the mobile device as the sole source for connecting with friends and family, as well as managing their lives. However, mobile web access continues to suffer from interoperability problems that stem from platform fragmentation like that of Apple® and Adobe®, as well as usability problems centered on resolution screens and user operation. At AppleSavvy™, we believe the web browsing experience should be exceptional and consistent from one medium to the next. As technologies change, we adapt, but the one thing that remains constant is our ability to pioneer and master new mobile marketing ideas before others even adopt them.